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10 Hollywood A-lister Podcast Appearances

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10 Hollywood A-lister Podcast Appearances

The 93rd Academy Awards took place last night and to celebrate we wanted to share an article from our magazine archives. There are so many brilliant film podcasts available to listen to, but for Issue #007 of the magazine, our partners at Acast pulled together a list of A-list guest appearances on some of our favourite podcasts.

David Tennant does a podcast withOlivia Colman on David Tennant Does A Podcast With…
Olivia Colman was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award this year, and won Best Actress for The Favourite in 2019 (how good was that Oscar speech?!). Olivia somehow manages to be one of the most extraordinary but simultaneously relatable actors ever to clutch the golden statue. Sitting down with David Tennant and a cuppa, listeners can revel in this frank chinwag about her illustrious career. Listen now on Acast >>

Adam Buxton Podcast cover artSimon Pegg on The Adam Buxton Podcast
Us Brits should be damn proud of homegrown talent Simon Pegg, who starred in everything from cult TV shows Big Train and Spaced, to actual space in Star Wars and his stellar role as Scotty in the rebooted Star Trek film franchise. In a classic ramble with Adam, Simon gets geeky about his passions and how he is now living out his dreams through acting. Listen now on Acast >>

Kermode on FilmSandy Powell in Kermode on Film
What would a film be without costumes? Well, besides the cast feeling a little chilly, it’s the attention to detail that makes the movie come to life. Sandy Powell is a legend in costume design, Oscar winner and frequent collaborator with Martin Scorsese. She talks to Mark Kermode about The Irishman and other landmark films in her career. Listen now on Acast >>  

Distraction Pieces cover artDanny Boyle on Distraction Pieces
Danny Boyle is a man who needs no introduction but you may remember him from such classic films as Trainspotting, 28 Days Later and Slumdog Millionaire the heavy-hitter director joins podcasting veteran Scroobius Pip in a conversation about his film Yesterday, which includes plenty of Beatles chat and the importance of music in his oeuvre. Listen now on Acast >>

the high low podcastMargot Robbie on The High Low
The Aussie with a knack for acting, Margot Robbie sits down with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes to discuss her Oscar nominated role in I, Tonya, how she plans to put women centre stage through her production company and what Hollywood really looks like post #MeToo. Listen now on Acast >>

Off MEnu cover artKumail Nanijiani on Off Menu
Kumail Nanjiani has the unusual experience of being a podcaster-turned-celebrity rather than the other way round. Now the star of Silicon Valley, upcoming Marvel movie The Eternals and the Oscar-nominated The Big Sick, he makes a visit to the dream restaurant with James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Listen now on Acast >>

The Margaret ChoQuentin Tarantino on The Margaret Cho
Tarantino is a writer-director who drops more F bombs in his movies than there are podcasts in the world. But there’s only one podcast where the mind behind Pulp Fiction and Django chats with his good friend and comedian Margaret Cho, telling behind-the-scenes stories from his 2019 movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Listen now on Acast >>

Films To Be Buried WithJoe Cornish on Films To Be Buried With
Director and writer Joe Cornish joins Brett Goldstein for a light-hearted tête-à-tête about life, death, love and The Universe – and a lot of cinema chat. They go deep into the categorising and filing of DVDs, and treat listeners to all manner of nuggets regarding Joe’s work including The Kid Who Would be King and Attack the Block. Listen now on Acast >>

My Dad wrote a porno cover artDaisy Ridley on My Dad Wrote A Porno
The Force is strong with Belinda as Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley joined the gang to chat about weird merchandise, who she’d play in the Belinda Blinked movie and what it’s like to play the star in one of the most loved film franchises of all time. Listen now on Acast >>

The Blindboy podcastSpike Lee on The Blind Boy Podcast
This Spike Lee joint is a Blind Boy special in which the two auteurs trade blows in discussions about Irish American and Black-American history. The podcast is a fantastic way to get to know Spike Lee the person, rather than his filmmaking credentials. Listen now on Acast >>



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