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10 podcasts to unlock your inner creativity

Podcast for creativity


10 podcasts to unlock your inner creativity

Creativity is a phenomenon. One seemingly reserved for musicians, actors and painters alike. The ones that lift the little hairs on your arms and make everything else seem a little less ominous. It’s elusive, impossible to label and highly sought after but what if I told you; you’ve already accessed it? Yes, the same mythical ether you praise so highly when captured by an artist.

Creativity is used daily from suited business executives to stay at home parents. It is an omnipotent tool that anybody can use in their everyday lives to create valuable outcomes. There is no rulebook and no spells to mutter! Here are 10 podcasts to help you tap into your inner creativity:

The Honest Designers Show

The Honest Designers

The Four-tet Tom Ross, Ian Barnard, Lisa Glanz and Dustin Lee have engineered a brutally honest deep dive into what it takes to become successful in the creative industry. Unearthing the non-glamourous side of the business like ‘how to land more clients’ and the hoops you need to jump through. Perfect for serious creatives looking to jumpstart a hobby into a career. Listen >>

A Beautiful Anarchy

Beautiful Anarchy

David Duchemin is a former stand-up comedian turned prolific creative. He is a photographer, writer, publisher and recalls vivid experiences with passion and comedy. Episodes are only 10-15 minutes long and aren’t a serious commitment although if you listen to one, you will click next. Listen >>

The Daily Creative Show

The Daily Creative

With an archive of 150 episodes, Todd Henry explains what it takes to produce creative and focused work. They come in the form of 3 minute bitesized tips and tricks. A wonderful addition to your day! My challenge is to try and only listen to one… It’s like opening a bag of skittles only to find they are all red. Good luck. Listen >>

Hex Code Black

Hex Code Black

A podcast coming out in early October hosted by Three’s a Crowd network where conversations with Black creative professionals address classism, racism and general hurdles faced by the black community in the workplace and everyday life. With professors, industry accelerators and scholars all featuring giving their stories, we cannot wait for this one! Listen >>

No Such Thing As A Fish

No Such Thing As A Fish

Not so much a podcast on the process of creativity but more a work shop on creative genius at work. Sit back and revel as the people who made the hit BBC panel show QI present their favourite facts of the week with swift wit and bickering. Listen >>

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Magic Lessons

Brought to you by the author of Big Magic, one of the most successful books on creativity ever released. Elizabeth Gilbert sadly only has 21 episodes however each one is soaked with fantastic information on how to navigate through the struggles of creativity. If her podcast wasn’t already good enough, she has THE most soothing voice, perfect for your journey home. Listen >>

The Go Creative Show

The Go Creative show

For creatives involved in the realm of film, creative artist Ben Consoli delves into relevant topics discussing a wide range of successes, tools, ‘not-so-successes’  and much more. His analytical approach is immediately trustworthy and sometimes amplified by special guests. For film lovers and creatives alike, Ben is your guy! Listen >>

21st Century Creative

21st Century Creative

Mark McGuiness is a creative coach! From personal wisdom to interviews with experts in the creative fields you can expand your creative interests! Not only is the content scintillating, Mark also provides creative challenges for the listener to get stuck in! Listen >>

Creative Rebels

Creative Rebels

For those of you who have rebelled against the 9 to 5, hosts David Speed and Adam Brazier inspire with advice on how to follow their example. The process of co-founding Parlour Tattoo and Graffiti life is well documented as well as interviews from other fellow rebels who have carved their own paths. Listen >>



The simple premise of this podcast is to bring to your attention topics that simply don’t get enough ‘talk time’ in the industry. Co-founder Justin Gignac converses with friends and fellow creatives to ‘overshare’ on their personal experiences. So eloquent, you feel as if you are at the table with them. Listen >>

Bonus Pick:

The Futur

The Futur

A podcast aimed at sustainability conscious creatives! Chris Do who also hosts the Youtube channel ‘The Process’ aims to empower creative people to live sustainably whilst simultaneously indulging in their passions and making a living from them. Based in Santa Monica, California you can imagine the vibe! Listen >>

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