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13 new podcasts to listen to in August 2021

New podcasts to listen to in August


13 new podcasts to listen to in August 2021

Pod Bible aims to be the essential guide to podcasts. To keep your download list full of brilliant podcasts, and help you find the next podcast sensation, we’re bringing you the latest podcast releases in our New This Month feature.

Things have slowed down somewhat this month and we have a slightly shorter list of new pods (hopefully many podcasters are taking a much needed break over Summer after such a busy year for our industry!) But don’t worry – we still have a good bunch of shows to keep you entertained on your own holidays. Whether you want to be an audio tourist, listen to a podcast about the Olympics, or delve deep into subjects like terrorism, there is something for everyone in this month’s list of new podcasts to listen to in August…

New Podcasts

Tipsy Tourism

Tipsy Tourism

Take a genre – find a friend – add a drink – make a podcast! It’s a format that has worked for true Crime (Drunk Women Solving Crime) folklore (Spirits) general interviews (White Wine Questions Time) and more. Now, Tipsy Tourism is looking at staycations through beer goggles. Holiday expert Chelsea and radio presenter James take a walk around London with a surreptitious tipple to entertain them and listeners. The ‘tipsy’ format could be chaos, but they keep us engaged with facts, and a well-structured show.  Listen now on Acast >>

Taking Apart Terror

Taking Apart TerrorThis podcast comes from the Global Coalition Against Daesh, and brings focus to an important topic that, like many, has been side-lined in the news since the start of the pandemic. Preventing acts of terror is still a major priority for governments across the globe, and hasn’t stopped over the past 18 months. This podcast asks how much do we really know about terrorism? And what is being done to stop it? Across 10 episodes, former British soldier Adnan Sarwar explores every aspect of how terrorist organisations operate, from how they’re funded, to the role of women in such organisations. Listen now on Spotify >>

Blind Landing

Blind LandingAn Olympics podcast with a True Crime twist. The Sydney Summer Olympics in 2000 has been dubbed one of the most controversial Olympics in history, with the gymnastics leading the way in a number of controversies. (One gymnast was disqualified for being too young, several for doping.) But this podcast focuses on a mistake by the people running the gymnastics – and the how it was catastrophic for many of the competitors. Definitely an Olympics podcast for everyone.  Listen on Acast now >>

Windfall from Outside/In

Windfall from Outside In

I was torn as to whether to put this as a new podcast or a new season, because this comes on the same feed as one of my favourite podcasts. Outside/In takes a look at the natural world and how we use it. Their new miniseries, however, is slightly different. Windfall looks very deeply at wind turbines in the USA – the politics, history, economics and more – and why it has taken just so long to start constructing them there. It is fascinating and I did not think I would come out of episodes with the opinions I did. Listen now on Acast >>

On The Outside

On The Outside podcast art

Would I be a true podcast writer if I didn’t sneak in my own podcast? On The Outside is a panel-show style podcast that share diverse views on outdoors news in the UK. Each episode, a different panel will bring the stories that matter to them to ask the others what they think. The first episode was recorded on Wednesday 28th of July with myself hosting, and Eden Elgeti (a.k.a. The Transgender Swimmer), Oge Ejizu (London Leader for Black Girls Hike) and Neil Russell (handcyclist and outdoor educator) on the inaugural panel. We talked about how the Olympics permeates the outdoors, staying safe in the water and a new fleet of beach wheelchairs in Pembrokeshire.     Listen now on Acast >>

Other new podcasts for your list:

  • Bridgewater – A new podcast from Aaron Manke and Grim & Mild (who brought us Lore) Bridgewater is a fiction podcast about folklore and the mysteries of the past. The trailer is already chilling. Listen now on Acast >>
  • Puffin Podcast: Mission Imagination – The brand new series of the Puffin Podcast has two young Puffineers going on a new adventure for each week of the summer holidays, written by famous children’s authors. Read our interview with host Babatunde Aléshé to find out more. Listen now on Acast >>
  • Deathbed Confessions – a new Spotify Original, this podcast unveils some of the incredible things that people have kept to themselves until the very end – affairs, murder, robbery – starting with a famous Hollywood murder.  Listen now on Spotify >>
  • Blind Date with a Book – a simple concept that does what it says, this aims to match guests up with the book of their dreams, by using dating app questions to find the one that they want. Listen now on Spotify >>
  • Firebug – I find it incredible that this story hasn’t been investigated before now. I am not at all surprised to hear this will be followed by a Netflix series.  When police were having trouble finding an arsonist terrorising Southern California, they found an unexpected lead – in an unpublished manuscript for a novel. Listen now on Acast >>

New Podcast Seasons

The Town That Knew Too Much

Another podcast that is new-but-not-new, and perhaps best described as a second instalment on the same feed. Nick Hilton took us through the bizarre history of East Grinstead in The Town That Didn’t Stare. Now, he focuses on Cheltenham, The Town That Knew Too Much, as we find out about the home of British spying, and the deception that goes throughout the seemingly perfect town. The first series was one of my favourite podcasts to come out of lockdown last year, and this new one has started well.  Listen now on Acast>>

Prince: The Official Podcast


Previous seasons have taken a close look at some of Prince’s most famous albums and stories behind them, but the official podcast from The Prince Estate has stepped it up a gear for season 4. This season focuses on a brand new album, Welcome 2 American, a ‘prescient and political album’ the artist was working on in 2010-11. But it was never released before his death in 2016. This podcast is the premiere. Listen on Spotify now >>

Overheard A National Geographic

Overheard at National Geographic

This podcast lets you listen in on what could possibly be the most interesting office chat in the world. National Geographic magazine covers topics from across the Anthropocene, and season 7  will cover subjects including the superpowers of sharks, remapping the solar system and illegal cheetah trafficking – all the types of things overheard at National Geographic headquarters. Season 7 starts August 3rd. Listen on Acast now >>

If you listen to these podcasts, please tell us what you think! Tag us on social media @PodBible. Read more of our New This Month editorials for the newest podcasts to listen to.

Do you have a show for our new podcast list? Email with the show description, release date and artwork. We will share as many launches as we can.

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