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5 Solo podcasts you need to socialise your ears with

great solo podcasts


5 Solo podcasts you need to socialise your ears with

Many people feel they have what it takes to hold someone’s attention for a whole podcast episode… but anyone that has tried will know how truly huge a task that is. Here are 5 solo podcasts that make it look easy. (Note: some of these podcasts occasionally have guests but the bulk of the time they’re very much one person and a mic!)

Blindboy Podcast cover artThe Blindboy Podcast

Each week plastic bag mask wearing Blindboy (one half of musicians and comedians The Rubberbandits) picks a topic to share his views or self declared “hot takes“ on… which may well sound unbearable, but what unfolds is always a strangely relaxing, history laden exploration of the widest range of topics from one of the best minds, and voices, in podcasting. LISTEN NOW >>

Say Your Mind cover artSay Your Mind

As the media is starting to realise, actress, director and public speaker Kelechi Okafor is one of the most powerful and important voices around at the moment. Say Your Mind sees Kelechi express her thoughts and views each week in the way they are best delivered: unfiltered. LISTEN NOW >>

Sarah Silverman podcastThe Sarah Silverman Podcast

Huge, established names jumping on the podcast band wagon can annoy some of the veterans of the scene… but when award winning comedian Sarah Silverman launched her podcast in 2020 she quickly became undeniable for her reasoned, rational and hilarious takes on the issues that she encounters in her day to day life, or that her listeners put to her. LISTEN NOW >>

HAve You Heard George the poet podcastHave You Heard George’s Podcast?

At this stage, what more can be said about George the Poet’s amazing offerings in the podcast world? They have won plaudits and awards left right and centre… and deserved every one of them. A mixture of storytelling, music and fiction builds a world of insight and art. LISTEN NOW >>

Rob Auton DailyThe Rob Auton Daily Podcast

In 2020, poet, comedian & Yorkshireman Rob Auton put out a podcast every single day. With durations tending to fall somewhere between 3 – 15 minutes these little nuggets of poetry, comedy and just wonderful thought are the ultimate binge podcast. LISTEN NOW >>

Scroobius Pip founded Pod Bible magazine alongside Stu Whiffen and Adam Richardson back in February of 2019 but is best known as a podcaster, actor, rapper and label boss. His podcast Distraction Pieces began in 2014 and continues to deliver fascinating conversations week in, week out. Pip runs the company with Stu and Adam and contributes regularly to the magazine and Pod Bible Podcast. Head to for more, and follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Have you listened to these solo podcasts? Or do you think we missed a podcast? Let us know on Twitter, or send us an email

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1 Comment

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