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7 of the best podcasts for gamers

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7 of the best podcasts for gamers

For many years “just one more game mum” was probably the most disappointing thing a parent could hear, however, the tables have now turned! A successful career in Esports now sees players on salaries not far shy of a premier league football player. Twitch was bought by Amazon in August 2014 and has now become the largest video game streaming service raking in an eye-watering $2.3 Billion in 2020.

The ever-evolving landscape of gaming is still in its infancy with new teams popping up like weeds in the garden fighting over new and undiscovered talent. Where will the road lead with new introductions into the gaming space such as Virtual reality? Will you physically be able to take part? There are so many questions, here are 7 of the best gaming podcasts to help satisfying that insatiable desire:

Gamertag Radio

Releasing episodes since February 2005, there is nobody more clued in to gaming news and reviews than Gamertag Radio.  The learned podcasting trio, Danny Peña, Peter Toledo and Parris Lilly bring you everything new and exclusive happening in the industry.  If you want to stay informed, this is where you want to be. Listen now on Acast >>>


Ever been intrigued by the history of games? Retronauts has you covered exploring more than 40 years of vintage gaming excellence.  From pixelated Pokemon battles to high resolution Call of Duty wars, they will explain how these games came to fruition. A truly in depth insight that never gets boring! Listen now on Acast >>>

Podcast Unlocked

The battle of the gaming consoles has been fought more fiercely than the Cold War. If your heart happens to be green and you side with the Xbox army, then you have found your clan from Halo to Gears of War, this podcast is for you. Hosted by the IGN Network, weekly episodes are released giving you everything Xbox. Listen now on Acast >>>

What’s Good Games

With over 30 years of video game industry experience Andrea Rene, Brittany Brombacher and Kristine Steimer break down the week’s news, exclusives and gossip in a passionately humorous manner. A very smart and intelligent take on the industry, these 3 women have me both laughing and informed. Listen now >>>

Sacred Symbols

If PlayStation is your weapon of choice, then industry past masters, Colin Moriarty, Chris Maldonado and Dustin Furman further conspire to indoctrinate you in the ways of Sony. Weekly episodes are  humorously packaged to include news, recommendations and audience Q & A’s. The trio are so amicable that you feel part of the conversation! Listen now on Acast >>>

The Psychology of Video Games

Jamie Madigan explores the convergence  between video games and psychology. Each episode features an expert specialising in different aspects of gaming psychology.  For example, episode 29 deals with morality and moral choices in video games.  With a warm and intellectual interview style, the information conveyed is extremely clear and concise. I could not recommend this podcast more highly! Listen now >>>

Rebel FM

If you are more interested in the intersection between video games and everyday life then this podcast is for you. Industry experts discuss the influences of video game culture, movies, and books on their personal lives.  Each episode is a nostalgic trip to distant memories or discovering new future favourites! Listen now on Acast >>>

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