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9 new podcasts to listen to in September 2021

New podcasts to listen to in september


9 new podcasts to listen to in September 2021

Pod Bible aims to be the essential guide to podcasts. To keep your download list full of brilliant podcasts, and help you find the next podcast sensation, we’re bringing you the latest podcast releases in our New This Month feature.

This month’s list of new podcasts is tiny compared to previous lists – but it packs a punch! With some classics returning, a timely bonus episode about Afghanistan, and a podcast made purely from 1960s radio archive material all part of the mix, you’re sure to want to add some of these to your new favourites. Here are the best new podcasts to listen to this month!

New Podcasts

Let’s Talk To Lucy

Let's Talk To Lucy

Well this is a strange one, and I’m really not sure if I can include this in a ‘New Podcast’ line-up, because it’s not new. But it is new to podcast form. Let’s Talk To Lucy is actually an archive radio show with Lucille Ball, the famous American icon from I Love Lucy. And, it turns out, she was also ‘one of America’s first podcasters’ – according to the description anyway. But Let’s Talk To Lucy really does work as a podcast. This interview show from 1964 has Lucy interview some of the biggest names in Hollywood – the double interview with Dean Martin & Jeanne Martin could have been the inspiration for Coupledom. Listen now on Spotify >>

X-Ray Vision

X-Ray VisionFor some people reading this, I think that ‘new Jason Concepcion podcast’ will be all you need to know. For people that are saying ‘should I know this guy?’ (I hold my hands up, please don’t @ me!) there is plenty to interest you in this podcast. This is an epic pop-culture podcast, with the first episode covering Star Wars: Visions, the new Spiderman: No Way Home trailer, WandaVision, Loki, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and much more over 104mins of chat. Many spoilers are involved! Listen now on Spotify >>

The Elements

In 1997, Stuart Diver was the only survivor of a disastrous mountain slide in New South Wales, Australia, that killed 18 people, including his wife. Now, Diver is taking a close look at other natural disasters to ask: what does it take to survive? The first four episodes look events to do with water (a yacht caught in a storm), fire (the bushfires of 2019/20), earth (an earthquake in 1989 in New South Wales) and air (1974’s cyclone Tracey). It also has a truly epic website design. Listen now on Acast >>



Whilst there are quite a few podcasts about food, there are far less – if any – podcasts about the place it all happens: the kitchen. But Lucy Dearlove’s food podcast Lecker has now made a miniseries about the heart of the house. So how did it come about? As Lucy explained to us in this interview, “Kitchens is a self-contained series… Each episode focuses on a different aspect of kitchen design, but they’re all interlinked and themes come up throughout the series that relate to other episodes.”     Listen now on Acast >>

Hello, Nature

Hello NatureThis nature podcast from REI is a bit different. Host Misha Euceph didn’t grow up ‘outdoorsy’ and didn’t visit any National Parks until she was in her mid-twenties. Now, she’s asking –  if the national parks in the US are public, why doesn’t everyone use? On a road trip around America’s parks, she starts to dissect some of the history and reasons why not everyone feels comfortable spending time in the National Parks.   Listen now on Spotify >>


New Podcast Seasons


This podcast from Message Heard has an ex-Al Qaeda jihadi turned MI6 spy (Aimen Dean) and a former monk turned filmmaker (Thomas Small) looking in depth at some of the most nuanced and complicated aspects of war in the Middle East. The first-hand accounts of the two, and the true friendship that they have makes the show compelling. Ahead of a third season, they’ve released a timely, bonus episode on ‘Afghanistan and the Taliban’ which starts with the caveat “there are no good guys in this”.  Listen now on Acast >>

The Offensive

The Offensive

The football podcast that The Guardian described as “The Thick of It meets FIFA career mode” is back ahead of the new season.  The Offensive has had over 1.6 million listens since it began in 2018, and there will be many who never miss an episode, but if you want a reason to listen this season why not check out the interview with co-creators Joel Emery and Adam Jarrell? Listen now on Acast>>

Blood On The Tracks: The John Lennon Story

Blood On the Tracks

A podcast that is difficult to pin down, Blood On The Tracks tells hidden stories behind the cult musicians we think we know. The podcast is described as “part true crime, part historical fiction, part spoken word lo-fi beat noir” –  a description that confused me at first, but having listened to an episode encapsulates it… pretty well!  This second season looks into the post-Beatle years and death of John Lennon, and features the fictionalized voices of people who knew him – including a terrifying distorted version of Yoko Ono. Listen on Acast now >>

You’re Dead To Me

You're Dead To Me

The history podcast for everybody is back! For months, new episodes have popped up on my app, only to disappoint me with the ‘Radio Edit’ versions of episodes I’ve already listened to. But Greg Jenner and his team are finally dropping new episodes. Series 4 has started with a very ‘horrible history’ as we head to 16th Century Russia and learn about Ivan The Terrible. And… yeah, listener discretion is advised!  Listen on Acast now >>

If you listen to these podcasts, please tell us what you think! Tag us on social media @PodBible. Read more of our New This Month editorials for the newest podcasts to listen to.

Do you have a show for our new podcast list? Email with the show description, release date and artwork. We will share as many launches as we can.

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