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A Halloween Spooktacular with Clash Of The Titles


A Halloween Spooktacular with Clash Of The Titles

In the summer of 2019, Clash Of The Titles (Stakhanov’s first film podcast) was born. Twice a week, Alex Zane, Vicky Crompton and Chris Tilly thrust a pair of films with a connection into the arena of combat with only one emerging as the winner! Remakes Vs Originals, Alien Rip Off Vs Alien Rip Off, Massive Ruddy Volcano Movie Vs Massive Ruddy Volcano Movie. In the year since its inception, Clash Of The Titles has seen great success – amassing over 62,000 listens a month. And this October, with the advent of a quarantine Halloween, Clash Of The Titles is throwing a proper Spooktacular! In the weeks leading up to All Hallow’s Eve, the trio battle out spooky favourites on the air. “All three of us love horror, so we’re really excited about our month of scary movies to celebrate Halloween,” Chris enthuses.

Shocktober kicked off with the original Wicker Man – one of the weirdest, wildest and most disturbing movies you are ever likely to see – pitted against the disastrous and unintentionally hilarious Nicolas Cage remake. The episode also featured FrightFest founder and Wicker Man super-fan, Paul McEvoy. “It wasn’t really a fair fight,” admits Chris, “But it did give us an excuse to properly analyse that infamous scene with the bees.” Next, the Clash trio followed that up with a pair of classic slasher movies, with A Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Krueger’s razor-sharp glove doing battle with Candyman’s deadly hook. The third matchup of the season is Scream and The Cabin in the Woods, and James Moran – writer of Severance and Cockneys vs Zombies – will be coming into the arena to help Alex, Chris and Vicky with both deep dives. As for the last films of the month, each member of the team picked a pair of witch movies, and the listeners voted for their favourite online. The choices were The Wizard of Oz v Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Chris), Teen Witch v The Craft (Vicky), or The Witches v Hocus Pocus (Alex). The latter was the runaway winner, so Clash’s Halloween shows will feature Angelica Huston’s witch going toe-to-toe with Bette Midler’s!

Finally, if you’re looking for other great Halloween flicks to put on this fall – I asked each Clasher for some spooky recommendations for the season. Alex suggests romantic horror The Fly – which Clash Of The Titles discussed back in February in ‘The Fly (1986) vs Hellraiser (1987).’

As for Vicky, she recommends a more heroic horror film in the shape of The Crow, which the trio analysed back in August in ‘Darkman vs The Crow.’

Finally, Chris wants you to have some laughs with your scares, so his pick is Shaun of the Dead, which Clash Of The Titles covered last Halloween in ‘Shaun of the Dead (2004) vs Zombieland (2009).’

Even though this year we cannot leave our houses to celebrate Halloween the proper way, the Clash Of The Titles trio are here to keep the festivities going! So why not spend this season curled up on the couch with some hot chocolate, watching (and listening!) your way through the Clash Of The Titles’ Shocktober Spooktacular?

Listen to Clash Of The Titles every Monday and Thursday via Spotify, Acast, or Apple Podcasts.

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