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A Songwriter’s Conversation // Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World


A Songwriter’s Conversation // Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World

The music genre in podcasting is full of a variety of the weird and wonderful, from list programmes to shows dedicated to the entire discography of one artist. In Pass-Through Frequencies, the new podcast from Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins, we are invited to join a conversation on songwriting and the puzzle-solving techniques of some of our favourite musicians. We got to chat with Jim about the show and what he’s hoping listeners will take away from it.


POD BIBLE: Who are you and what’s your podcast about?

JIM ADKINS: I am Jim Adkins, guitar player and singer for rock band (sponsored-am division) Jimmy Eat World. My podcast Pass-Through Frequencies is about songwriting. What is fascinating to me are the fundamentals behind creative puzzle solving. The way we build rewards/deterrents for ourselves through actions and the struggle to overcome our limiting beliefs. Well, at least long enough to get a lyric completed.

PB: Why did you decide to start podcasting?
JA: I love talking to people who write and perform music about the process. With our touring schedule evaporated, it seemed like a good time to reach out to people.

PB: How did you settle on this medium for sharing these conversations?
JA: It’s a wide ranging topic when you start diving in. I’m hoping to get into some elements of the craft people might not have had to verbalise before. A longer format conversation like a podcast seems the best way to give that space to talk through some of the more esoteric ideas.

PB: What’s the first podcast you ever listened to?
JA: Probably Marc Maron’s WTF. Or maybe This American Life.

PB: Which podcasts do you take inspiration from?
JA: Everything is Alive. Dopey. The 7 Words Podcast. The History of Rome, and all Crooked Media projects.

PB: Have any of your guests really surprised you with their approach to songwriting?
JA: In episode two Steve Aoki had some interesting things to say. The way he’s looking at hooks and elements to use as tools is maybe more of an EDM world thing. He had a little more of a detail-oriented way of building things than typical rock-based methods.

PB: Who’s your dream guest for the podcast?
JA: Steven Pressfield. His book, The War Of Art is something everyone in creative fields should read.

PB: Do you work with a producer or editor? If so, what is that process like?
JA: I farmed out editing for one episode so far. 99% is me doing everything.

PB: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far as a podcaster?
JA: Jesus, I am a podcaster now. That’s weird to see myself type.

PB: Besides fans of yours and your guests, who do you hope tunes in to your show?
JA: I suppose a success would be people who don’t know a guest or myself find it interesting.

PB: Which episode would you say is the perfect introduction to your podcast?
JA: EP01 with Mark Hoppus – ( I think that lays out how I like to dig at the topic of songwriting. I can definitely nerd out on the technical side of the craft. But what is really interesting to me is the fundamentals behind creative puzzle solving.

PB: Where can the Pod Bible readers find out more about you?
JA: Besides the Google, you can probably get the best sense of me and what I do at our Jimmy Eat World YouTube channel.

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