Give your podcast or business the exposure it deserves

In partnership with Spotify, Acast and Audible, Pod Bible is the only magazine in the UK that is dedicated to podcasting. Our aim is to become the go to place for podcast fans to enjoy engaging content from interviews to recommendations to tips on how to create their own podcast. We’ve already had some of the biggest names in the industry getting involved from individual podcasters such as Adam Buxton, Richard Herring and Fearne Cotton to businesses such as Global and BBC Sounds  – and you have the chance to advertise your business or podcast alongside them.

Pod Bible is released every two months with 40,000 copies being distributed with The Sunday Times across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. 1000 copies are also distributed around London, Brighton and Margate. The digital version of the magazine is available to read on the website. Every single podcast or business within the digital version has clickable links that direct readers to the relevant website or podcast player.

To discuss the variety of ways in which your business or podcast could benefit from teaming up with Pod Bible, get in touch via our contact page or drop us an email at