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Alex Jungius: Director of This Is Distorted

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Alex Jungius: Director of This Is Distorted

What goes on behind the scenes of a podcast production company? We want to bring the people behind the podcasts out of their editing bays and research caves to tell you why they’re passionate about creating podcasts… 

Today we’re learning more about Alex Jungius, Director of  This Is Distorted, a multi-award winning content agency with audio at its heart. The company has a real focus on the power of audio to emotionally connect people, but it’s also forward looking and embracing the developments in podcasting, new technologies and video options for the audience.

We asked Alex to tell us more about his love of podcasting and where he thinks the future of podcasting will take us…

Tell us a bit about who you and your role at This Is Distorted!

For the past 25 years, I’ve been immersed in the world of audio and radio, working in everything from hospital radio to commercial radio, and now in the realm of podcasts and on-demand audio. I started out focusing on imaging and sound design before transitioning to show production, executive producing radio programs, and eventually overseeing entire radio stations.

In 2015, I took a leap of faith and left mainstream radio to launch Distorted, which at the time was still a relatively new venture in the burgeoning world of podcasts. However, that risk has paid off, as it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. At Distorted, my primary responsibility is to expand our speech-based offerings, working with companies, brands, and individuals on their audio projects.
Nowadays, we refer to ourselves as an audio agency, as we’ve evolved beyond being a production house. We aim to solve our clients’ problems by utilizing audio as a solution, and we’ve expanded our services to encompass everything on the periphery of an audio project, including video, social media, marketing, and more. The audio landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s a thrilling time to be a part of this industry.

This Is Distorted podcast studio the North of England - Leeds

This Is Distorted podcast studio is based in the North of England, at the centre of Leeds

Why podcasts? What is it you love about the medium?

Having spent many years working in the highly structured and regulated world of radio, the freedom and flexibility of podcasts have been a breath of fresh air for me. I’m fascinated by the fact that there are no set rules or conventions to follow, and that the medium provides an almost limitless canvas for creativity. This has led to an explosion of diverse styles, approaches, and voices entering the audio space, many of whom may never have considered working in audio if not for the world of podcasts.

Despite the fact that podcasts have been around for some time now, I believe we’re still in the early stages of the medium’s evolution. Looking back, we will likely view this as a period of growth and experimentation, and the landscape of podcasting will undoubtedly be very different in the years to come as the industry continues to mature and establish itself as a significant player in people’s content consumption habits.

What was the first podcast you ever listened to?

Apart from dabbling with creating podcast content for the radio stations I was working at, the first main podcast I listened to as an avid fan was the The Ricky Gervais Show. It felt so different to what you’d hear on air and like a new format had been born.

You recently were part of the team behind Synthetic Stories, the first AI created podcast – where did that idea come from?

The idea came from a conversation over lunch in our office. We’d been chatting about how AI could influence our industry and I suggested how easy it would be to piece together an AI podcast series. From there, the idea snowballed into a quick project that the whole team got behind and within 24 hours the project was live and in people’s ears.

While it was easy to put together and a lot of fun, the resulting product was still worlds away from what humans can create. Nevertheless, I believe that AI will soon become an integral part of the production process, if it isn’t already, for many people. It’s a powerful tool for generating ideas and streamlining production processes, although it cannot replace human creativity (at least, not yet).

Synthetic Stories

What do you think the future of podcasting holds?

Two things for me, I’d like to see podcasting double down on niches. It felt like the beginnings of podcasting allowed anyone to create content on the subject matter they were most passionate about and that created a home grown ecosystem of super niche podcasts serving passionate listeners across the globe. I feel like the medium has become too much about big names and dumbed down mainstream content. It might have an audience but does it really add anything to the content you can get elsewhere.

The other area is video. This can be a polarising subject but I think video has a huge part to play in podcasting’s next phase of growth. To help with discoverability is the obvious answer but also to elevate the audio content and compliment it, rather than replace it. I’d like to think of podcasting as a style of content now rather than treating it purely as audio only. Podcasting needs to break free of the RSS feed if it’s going to evolve and thrive and video and new platforms will help push the medium into more people’s ears (and eyes).

And what would you like to see more of in the podcast space?

Crafting compelling fiction content for podcasts is a challenging task. It can be expensive and difficult to create a show that sounds both professional and engaging. However, despite the difficulties, I believe there is a vast potential for original fiction content in podcasts that is yet to be fully realized.

At Distorted, we have considered developing fiction podcasts in the past. However, we have always been hesitant due to the high costs involved and our desire to produce content that meets our standards. I am hopeful that new developments in production technology will make producing high-quality fiction podcasts more accessible and cost-effective in the future. With the right resources and creative talent, I believe that original fiction shows have the potential to become a significant part of the podcasting landscape.

What is something you haven’t managed to do yet, but you would really like to work on?

True crime! I love a true crime podcast and we’ve got a folder of original true crime ideas I’d love to bring to life one day!

This Is Distorted is a multi-award winning content agency with audio at its heart. Passionate about emotionally connecting brands, artists and businesses with audiences through the power of sound.

Distorted content is broadcast across multiple platforms from traditional radio to online streaming services. Reaching an audience of over 10 million listeners each month, working with over 450 partner radio stations and networks, and regularly take the number 1 spot in the itunes podcast charts. Find out more at


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