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AUDDY RECOMMENDS: Comforting podcasts for a gloomy season

auddy recommends pods for a good mood


AUDDY RECOMMENDS: Comforting podcasts for a gloomy season

As the evenings draw in early and the headlines feel like a never ending cycle of doom and gloom, coupled with the looming need to crank up the thermostat, there’s still a silver lining! We’ve curated a selection of amazing podcasts that are sure to brighten your mood or at least offer some respite from the world around you.

Ki and Dee

With Songs, stories and good old fashioned gossip to make you smile, Ki and Dee are the two pod besties you wish you had. Both fantastic artists in their own right, if you missed THAT viral Love Island song, then where have you been? Join the ladies as they chat to like minded guests about everything from dating to Cuban heels and everything in between, oh and there is usually a super catchy self-penned song thrown in for good measure as well. Listen now >>


It’s news but not as you know it. Join comedian Roise Holt as she plays the despicable Harriet Langley-Swindon, a radio journalist with lots of un-fact checked opinions on Brexit, immigration and the horrifying “tofu eating wokerati”. Joined weekly by producer Martin and resident comedian Eshaan Akbar for the hilarious Hot and Spicy Take of the Week. It’s podcast satire at its best. Listen now >>

The Upshot

If you were just as obsessed with the Beckham documentary as everyone else and need more salacious gossip to fill the Beckham shaped void now the series has finished then The Upshot might just be for you. Weekly topics include drunken antics, dressing room squabbles and the simmering sexual tension of the French football team(seriously!) and yes there is a Beckham episode. Go check it out but don’t say you weren’t warned. Listen now >>

Answer Me This

Okay don’t get too excited, this podcasting behemoth and huge series isn’t back for new series (sorry) but it is still a massively listened to series with an evergreen back catalogue that fans just love diving into again again. Considering Olly and Helen were 400+ episodes deep there really is something for everyone and let’s be honest when the present and future seem a bit grim, there is nothing better than a good old trip down podcast memory/episodes lane. Listen now >>


Created during the pandemic to give key workers a tool to help them manage their stress, Ursula James’ HypnoSOS podcast now has 10,000’s of listeners a month using her 15 min episodes to help them relax and de-stress. From letting go of frustrations to boosting motivation, there is an episode for everyone and every emotion you might be feeling. So dive in when you have a spare 15 mins and give your brain a well deserved break from the chaos of the day. Listen now >>

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