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AUDDY RECOMMENDS: Educational podcasts to help you learn something new!

AUDDY recommends the best educational podcasts to help you learn something new


AUDDY RECOMMENDS: Educational podcasts to help you learn something new!

With the quest for knowledge no longer confined to classrooms, textbooks, or even cumbersome online courses, podcasting has become a powerhouse when it comes to learning anywhere at any time. It’s pretty fair to say that if you can think of a topic then there will most likely be a podcast on it. So whether you want to be informed, inspired or just entertained check out some of the Auddy team’s favourite educational podcasts below, cause every day’s a school day right?

The Duchess

The Duchess is a fascinating series on the most historic homes in the UK & Ireland (think Downton Abbey) and the custodians who run them. The 3rd series has just kicked off and this time is hosted by the 19th Countess of Derby – who embarks on a fascinating journey through the history of Knowsley Hall. From links to Shakespeare, to the 14th Earl, who became known as ‘the forgotten prime minister”, this series will take you on a journey through time as the countess delves into the story of her family’s ancestral seat and the history behind the great Knowsley Hall. Listen now >>

Episode to check out:The Earls of Derby and Shakespearean Theatre 1580-2023

Black Prose

The phrase goes “we all have one book in us” well, whether you want to start writing that book or just learn more about the process Black Prose is a fantastic podcast for anyone thinking about putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Every week Yolanthe Fawehinmi sits down to chat with some of the best and most talented Black writers of our time — from journalists, and authors to songwriters and rappers, Yolthane’s has a wonderful way of making her guest feel like friends so they share some of the most interesting stories about their lives, career and writing rituals. Throw in some top tips and advice in every episode and this is a series every aspiring writer should be listening to. Listen now >>

Episode to check out: ‘Jords’

Simple Politics

A podcast from the fabulous team behind the massive Simple Politics Instagram account. Tatton, and Diane, together with host Kobi get together every week to reflect on the ever changing political landscape in the simplest way possible. Often light hearted but never straying away from the important stuff, this podcast is a great way to get you a weekly dose of UK politics without feeling like you might need a politics degree first. Listen now >>

Episode to check out: ‘Simple September’

America: A History Podcast

Now is a better time than any to brush up on your knowledge of American history. From the declaration of independence to Donald Trump, this podcast tackles it all. Each week, host Liam and a special guest sit down to answer some very interesting questions. From ‘how are Presidents elected?’ to ‘how accurate is Forrest Gump?’, every debate is refreshing and informative, and with the likes of The News Agents Jon Sopel as a guest you will come away with a new found sense of what the land of free really means. Listen now >>

Episode to check out: ‘What is America?’

Nature Insight: Speed dating with the Future

If you’ve ever heard that 1 million species are at risk of extinction and wondered what that means for you, your family and your future – this is the podcast you can’t afford to miss! Nature Insight: Speed Dating with the Future tells the very human stories behind the science and policy of the global nature crisis. The first episode of the latest series focuses on the thousands of undiscovered species of fungi around the world and how it is estimated in Nepal alone we know only 1/10 of all species, which if you watched The Last of Us probably send chills down your spine. Zombie mushroom virus aside, this series will transform your understanding of the planet and the role we all need to play to protect the species we share it with. Listen now >>

Episode to check out: ‘Filling the Fungi Gap: Scaling Himalayan Heights for People and Nature’


Love podcasts? Maybe it’s time to think about making your own. Broccoli’s fantastic podcast series BUILD offers informative and easily digestible step by step guides by podcast experts on where to start. From recording techniques to how to write the perfect pitch email The Build Basics course is free to anyone. After that it’s £7.99 a month to get access to the other 5 pillars of the program which are Marketing, Personal Development, Storytelling, Business and Production. New lessons/episodes are released monthly and considering subscriptions like Masterclass can run into the £100’s a great deal to have the creme de la creme of podcasting talent in your ears. Subscribe here >>

Episode to check out: All of the BUILD Basics courses are available for free.

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