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AUDDY RECOMMENDS: Sex & Relationship podcasts

AUDDY RECOMMENDS SEx and Relationships podcasts


AUDDY RECOMMENDS: Sex & Relationship podcasts

Whether you’re single, in a couple (or even a thruple!) there is a podcast about relationships out there for you. Sophie Paluch from Auddy explores some of her favourite shows in the Sex and Relationship genre.

No Holes Barred

This is probably the only show that still makes me snigger like a schoolgirl, Laura and Victoria chat every week about the cummings (see what I did there) and goings-on in their lives, alongside readers’ stories and a good old dose of pure filth. With episode names like ‘Lube the Hoover’ it’s not for the faint hearted, but hey those types of people are no fun anyway! If you want a show that makes you feel like you are down the pub with your best girl mates swapping hilarious date/sex stories this is the one for you! Listen on your podcast app now >>

I’m Absolutely Fine By the Midult

If you don’t already know Annabel and Emilie – the legendary ladies of the Midult – then where have you been? Rummaging through their “emotional knicker draw” every episode, the ladies take a good look at (mid)life, relationships, careers, mental health and everything in between. All that is topped with some killer guests and some of the most relatable letters from listeners ever. They’ve also just started a new mini Friday episode called Podcast from the Edge, a five-minute-ish delve into all the ways Annabel and Emilie have been embarrassed and undignified over the past seven days. All I can say is HARD RELATE. Listen on your podcast app now >>

The Modern Mann

This monthly magazine show has been going for years and the stories that host Oli Mann explores in each episode are fascinating. It is, however, the amazing Ali Fox and her regular sex segment The Fox Hole that is one of my fave sections. She explores everything from ethical porn to sex toys and trends, as well as answering some regular listener questions. I always come away with interesting facts/knowledge/ideas I didn’t have before. Take that how you will 🙂 Listen on your podcast app now >>

Dear Sugars

As agony aunt podcasts go, to me is the OG! Okay, it isn’t actually releasing episodes anymore, but it frequently does ‘encore episodes’. Hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, the beautiful letters they read out in every episode are tiny little glimpses into someone else’s world and the issues they are facing. The advice Cheryl and Steve offer back is equally as honest and relatable. With 300+ episodes there is nothing they haven’t covered so if you are looking for some advice, dig in and you are sure to find an episode that fits. Listen on your podcast app now >>

Modern Love

If anyone has ever read anything I’ve put online about podcasts before, they would have heard me bang on about Modern Love. It’s the podcast that got me into podcasts and I will wax lyrical about it FOREVER. Based on the Modern Love column in the NYT, each episode is an essay from that column read out by what were big celebs of stage and screen (see pre-2020 for those episodes) and is now usually the authors themselves. There isn’t an essay in the whole series that hasn’t touched on the eerie part of relationships/love and everything in between. Go find one you like the sound of, dive in and have tissues at the ready. Listen on your podcast app now >>

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