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AudioMango: The mobile studio in a Mercedes-Benz



AudioMango: The mobile studio in a Mercedes-Benz

Like many industries, COVID-19 has forced people working in audio out of their offices and into remote recording. Saying goodbye to studio sessions has been hard, but it has led to innovations in remote and mobile recording. AudioMango is a novel – and stylish – concept to provide elevated recording experiences, driven to your door. We asked the team behind the wheel to tell us more about it.

Tell us about AudioMango – what’s your elevator pitch?

A new mobile, high-calibre recording studio that is available to hire, offering industry standard equipment and on-location post-production. Our stylish and COVID-safe adapted Mercedes-Benz, gives you the flexibility of being able to ‘park up’ anywhere; even right outside your (or your guest’s) door. It also has several cameras installed so you can get footage of your sessions for your show’s promotion. AudioMango is available for hire now, from a starting rate of £700 +VAT. All AudioMango recording sessions come with and on-board sound engineer, choice of microphones & enhanced post-production audio as standard. We will even produce your own theme song and help you market your podcast (at additional costs).

outside the AudioMango studio

Who are the team behind AudioMango?

It was created by Gavin Fenton, whose love of all things audio has developed from his 20 years’ experience within the music industry. Starting out as a DJ, with a residency at the Ministry Of Sound, and his involvement with the SonyBMG street-team, Gavin went on to produce radio shows for BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss 100 & Capital Xtra and has been involved in countless live production events. Gavin is joined by Harvey Jones, himself an established music producer with a vast technical knowledge, who teaches music production and a sound
engineer for live events.

It’s a really novel concept with lots of well-considered extras – is there a particular feature of the recording studio you are most proud of?

The fully mobile aspect has to be our favourite. We can record for about 7/8 hours with our own silent power source. So, you could record an entire podcast series at the top of a mountain, or be driven around in comfort to all your guests’ locations as nothing beats a real face-to-face conversation. But from a tech geek point of view, the mini production area we have in the rear of the van is awesome. It is fitted with an 8-channel pre-amp mixer, meaning we record all the mics separately, giving us total control when post producing.

Have you had anyone use the studio as yet?

We couldn’t possibly disclose any names. Discretion is something our clients value hence incorporating tinted windows into the design, allowing privacy for the talent to go about their audio recording business undisturbed.

Who would be your dream podcaster client? Tell us which host you want to pick up in the van!

If we could work with Romesh Ranganathan whilst recording his awesome “Hip Hop Saved My Life” podcast – this would be amazing. Driving between guests blaring out old school beats, sounds like a great day!

Where can people find out more?

Head to our website for more details. Or you can get in touch with our final team member, Emma de Pfeiffer-Key, on who is supporting us on marketing and business development.

Inside AudioMango studio

A bit more information about the studio:
  • Our portable studio comes to you.
  • AudioMango is the only portable podcast and audio recording studio – driven right to your door.
  • We’ve kitted out a Mercedes van where you can step inside, relax and record, and leave with post-produced and enhanced audio.
  • Expect comfortable seating, industry-leading microphones and an on-board production zone for a high-quality experience.
  • In the on-board production zone, our team will monitor your recording and manage soundchecks. All recording is post-produced with Adobe Audition multitrack software, using a combination of normalisation, EQ and De-Esser.
  • Fitted with a patented Silent Roof Technology System. Another nugget of information for the article.
  • We’ve even got music producers who can create a theme song for you, and add background music. And if you need it, we’ll help launch, promote and upload your podcast.

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