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These are the BEST Audible Original podcasts – chosen by listeners! (Issue #027)

The best Audible podcasts The Little Mermaid Kurupt FM and Rosamund Pike


These are the BEST Audible Original podcasts – chosen by listeners! (Issue #027)

Each issue of Pod Bible magazine, our partners Audible bring you a round-up of the best Audible Original Podcasts their members are loving, and press are buzzing about too. Without further ado, here’s The Holy Grail of listener favourites, from Issue #027 of the magazine…

The Debutante

The Debutante

This is the story of a Tulsa debutante who, as a result of a series of unlikely and often very bad life choices she made in the ’90s, found herself in the midst of one of the most terrible crimes ever to take place in America Carol Howe-a charismatic, wealthy former debutante turned white supremacist spokeswoman turned undercover informant. In 1995, Carol was spying on Oklahoma’s neo-Nazis for the government just when Timothy Mcleigh blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people. Ever since then, Carol has haunted the imaginations of survivors and investigators because of a rumour that had begun to swirl: If her information had only been listened to. In The Debutante, he seeks the truth about the woman who grew up in a world of privilege and opportunity and whose teenage rebellion lead her to extreme radicalization. Listen now >>

“Gripping investigative journalism from Jon Ronson”
– Anon

“A masterclass in storytelling.”
-Ms Higgins

Kurupt FM 3

The Kurupt FM Podcast (series 3)

The multi-award-winning comedy podcast is back Following the BAFTA-winning TV series (People Just Do Nothing), the smash hit film Big In Japan), not to mention the multiple award wins for series 1 and 2 of the podcast Best Comedy, British Podcast Awards), the Kurupt FM crew have assembled once more… Self-described ‘legends’ of Brentford’s UK Garage pirate radio scene – MC Grindah, DJ Beats, DJ Steves, and their manager Chabuddy G – gather round the mic in Steve’s nan’s flat to discuss more of what they think about some of the world’s most important subjects. This time it’s Crime, Business, Books, Parenting, Celebrities and Health. Listen now >>

“New to Kurupt FM – had me laughing out loud on a dog walk!”
– Anon

“Brilliant! Perfect comedy for my commute”
– Amazon User

Mother, Neighbour, Russian Spy

Mother, Neighbor, Russian Spy

Cindy Murphy is the early 2000s poster girl for having it all. A top job in finance in Manhattan, two delightful daughters and a house in the suburbs. But Cindy’s life is built on a lie. She’s really a Russian spy sent to live in deep cover in the US and send intel back to Moscow. Rosamund Pike narrates this true story documentary about an extraordinary woman who deceives her friends, neighbours, boss and even her children. Listen now >>

“Couldn’t stop”
– Amazon user

“Fascinating and exciting”

Countered Tourism

Countered Tourism

In six action-packed episodes, Countered Terrorism goes behind the scenes to uncover how counter terrorism units have managed to foil or derail a number of major terror plots in recent years. From preventing carnage at the Notting Hill Carnival to thwarting Islamic fundamentalists and far right Nazi sympathisers across the globe, Countered Terrorism highlights the bravery, expertise, intuition and dedication of the anti-terror experts, who work 24/7 to keep us safe from deadly attacks. Listen now >>

“Superb series!”
Mr Faxton

“A must listen”
Mr Gray

And if your like the sound of these, why not try this Audible Original…

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Immerse yourself in an Audible Original production of The Little Mermaid.

A magical retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale, narrated by singer-songwriter Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Deep beneath the ocean, there is a shimmering palace. Built of coral walls and windows of clearest amber, it is the kingdom of the merpeople. And one of these mermaids you might know well: she is the youngest, and is gifted with the most beautiful voice.

Unhappy with her life as a mermaid, she dreams of living on dry land. One day, on her birthday, she ascends to the surface to find a magnificent three-masted ship drifting in calm waters. There, amongst the passengers, she meets the brown-eyed prince.

To win his affection, the little mermaid sells a piece of herself-and is faced with a monumental choice. Join Leigh-Anne Pinnock on a journey to the depths of the ocean. Listen now >>

“Could not stop listening…”
Amazon user

“Excellent podcast and well presented”

Every month, Audible members get one credit to use on any audiobook regardless of price or length, plus unlimited access to Audible Original Podcasts at no extra cost. From £7.99 / month after 30 days. Renews automatically. Find out more >>

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