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6 of the best Formula 1 podcasts we’d put in pole position

the best Formula 1 podcasts in poll position


6 of the best Formula 1 podcasts we’d put in pole position

The 74th British Grand Prix took place in July, and even though it was no surprise to see two-time world champion Max Verstappen take the win, make no mistake – there was thrills aplenty at the circuit that two years ago saw the Dutchman flying into a dramatic meet-and-greet with the barriers while a sturdy-elbowed Lewis Hamilton went on to claim victory.

A lucky few (hundred thousand) fans experienced the festival atmosphere and influencers are fastidiously learning how to pronounce team names (look up Xandra and “Alfa Romero”). But if you missed the action this time, what better way is there to get yourself caught up than with our top podcast picks?

Whether you’re a die-hard fan wanting to geek out on stories from the archives or you’re a Drive to Survive dabbler drawn to the off-track gossip, there’s an F1 podcast for you.

Going Purple

Presenter Lissie Mackintosh is a rising star in Formula 1 – and deservedly so. Starting out as a TikToker dedicated to creating more diverse F1 content, she now boasts an impressive CV of high-profile interviews and co-created content with the sport’s iconic teams. Her Going Purple podcast talks about ‘serious F1 stuff in a not-so serious way’, and covers a range of F1-related subjects from occasional race catch-ups and day-in-the-life of episodes to race weekend features and interviews with huge F1 names such as Lando Norris, Natalie Pinkham and Nico Hulkenburg. While Lissie’s deeply knowledgeable about the sport, her podcast is for anyone with even a slight interest in F1, so it’s perfect if you’re at the start of what will surely be a lifelong love. Listen on your podcast app >>

Dirty Air F1 Podcast

If Ted Kravitz’s post-race stroll around the paddock isn’t enough to help you decompress after a high-stress grand prix, then look no further than Dirty Air. Every week comedians Josh Weller and Alfie Brown offer their very irreverent takes on what they call “the most ludicrous sport on earth”. A welcome antidote to both the mainstream coverage and wannabe commentary around a sport that can sometimes take itself too seriously, the pair will indulge you and their creative sensibilities with fake news, sketches and close-to-the-bone takes that bring the funny to Formula 1. For outrageous memes and commentary, their Instagram’s definitely worth a follow too.

The Dirty Air lads will be at Silverstone this weekend for a very special live podcast. If you’re lucky enough to have grand prix tickets, head to the Driver’s Inn Stage at 8pm on Saturday 8th July. Listen on your podcast app >>

3 Legs 4 Wheels (Formula 1 Podcast)

The Isle of Man might be famously associated with the TT Races, but this island-based quartet of podcasters are mad about Formula 1, and with their insightful and engaging discussions you’ll feel less alone in your deep obsession with every detail of the sport. Chris, Lee, Paul and Sian go beneath the surface of headlines, drama and gossip, to talk about the tracks, engineering, car design and the impact of team changes, to leave you a little wiser about Formula 1. Expect well-rounded discussions that draw on the sport’s rich history and the knowledge of people who’ve been following it well before the Drive to Survive era. Listen on your podcast app >>

Wheel it up

“Three black women talking all things Formula 1,” is the tagline, and this fun, rough-and-ready show brings together three exciting new voices in podcasting to give you a fresh and funny take on the weekend’s track action. Keeping in hilarious slips-of-the-tongue like ‘the Caribbean Grand Prix’ – what a spectacle that would be! – and scolding each other for missing Quali, Simone, Chanise and Anita are the three friends you’re desperate to chat to after every race weekend. Listen now >>

P1 with Matt and Tommy

Prolific podcasters Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham put out several episodes a week, to bring you all the latest news, reaction, predictions and opinions from the best sport in the world. From every Ferrari strategy blunder to spicy off-track controversies, we’ll be in your ears keeping you up to speed. They might call themselves die-hard fans, but this pair have incredible access to bring you big-hitter interviews with prominent F1 voices and drivers like TikTok favourite (and Alpine driver) Esteban ‘Estie Bestie’ Ocon. Listen on your podcast app >>

Beyond the Grid

A podcast about Formula 1 by Formula 1 itself. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Formula 1’s fastest stars slow down and open up, sharing untold stories and unrivalled insight. Tom Clarkson brings you revealing, feature-length interviews and amazing anecdotes from superstar drivers, team bosses, tech geniuses and racing legends. The range of interviews and insights is second-to-none so if you want to immerse yourself in the world of Formula 1 and hear the best stories straight from the horse’s mouth, then dive in. Listen on your podcast app >>

Lastly, as you’re putting up the bunting and donning your Lando, Lewis and George swag for a very British weekend of sport, why not swat up on Silverstone itself with this one-off series from the BBC’s Total Sport Podcast? Corner by Corner: Silverstone is your perfect companion to your Grand Prix weekend, with bitesize episodes that’ll give you the lowdown on the rich history of the home of British motor racing.


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