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Blake Harrison’s top 5 MMA podcasts


Blake Harrison’s top 5 MMA podcasts

Blake Harrison (credit: Joseph Gordon Sinclair)

He may be best known for his roles in shows such as The Inbetweeners and A Very English Scandal, but Blake Harrison is also a massive fan of mixed martial arts – a sport that’s popularity has grown exponentially over the past few years. As with any sport, there are of course a never ending pool of podcasts offering reviews, reactions and interviews with athletes. So which ones are worth checking out? Blake is here to let you know the shows he couldn’t live without…

Mike Heck and Alexander Lee are some of the best journalists involved in the sport. Their show offers a variety of breaking news and insight into the latest MMA developments. They’re currently releasing four shows a week so there’s plenty to get through! LISTEN NOW

I’ve only recently began listening to this but Sean Sheehan has some fantastic knowledge of areas of the sport that are often overlooked by others, like judging & scoring criteria. Sean is a brilliant host who breaks things down in an easily digestible way. LISTEN NOW

A weekly show featuring UFC legend Daniel Cormier and ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, with Ariel also releasing a bonus show on the feed every Wednesday. The dynamic between these two makes me laugh every week and they also get some of the best interviews out there. LISTEN NOW

As a huge MMA advocate and a UFC commentator Joe is always fascinating when talking about the sport. His interviews are always in depth and he also does fun fight companion episodes. There’s also a wide range of fantastic non MMA content with everyone from comedians to scientists and politicians. LISTEN NOW

Do I look like a narcissist saying I can’t live without my own podcast? Probably. But doing it does bring me a lot of joy. We’re a brand new show & we’ve already been able to secure great interviews with top fighters. We also have fun getting recognisable non MMA fans to watch a fight as we try to convince them to jump on the MMA bandwagon. Stu & I are two UBER fans and this is our laid back and lighthearted take on the sport we love. LISTEN NOW

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