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THE BOOK OF JOE – Recent Podcast Highlights #016


THE BOOK OF JOE – Recent Podcast Highlights #016

Every fortnight, guest writer Joe Ducarreaux picks out his recent podcast highlights in an effort to provide yet more wonderful content for your ears. Joe is an avid podcast listener who has been known to listen to over 40 episodes in just one week. To be honest we’re surprised he found time to write this column…


This Week’s Must-Listen:

Evolution of Horror
Mike Muncer returns for this fifth (?) series of his exploration of the history of horror cinema. This time, he’s focusing on representations of the Occult in film. Reaching back further than ever into film history, the inaugural episode explores early cinema of the 1890s, discussing the invention of camera trickery and almost immediate symbiosis of moving images and horror. This will likely be the best series of this podcast so far!

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Episodes Worth A Download:


Films To Be Buried With- Episode 69 with Jordan Brookes

Another film podcast in this edition of the Book of Joe blog this week, but, as Mark Kermode ensures that Jaws is not about a shark, Brett Goldstein’s show is not about films. Jordan Brookes gives a surprisingly candid insight into his mental health over the past year. Brett listens intently as Jordan discusses his relationship with suicidal thoughts and how winning the Perrier(?) award at the Edinburgh Fringe was not the life marker he had expected. Genuinely moving, this episode proves that podcasts can do what no other medium can- give air to frank and open conversation which will hopefully help someone somewhere.

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Good For You w/ Whitney Cummings-Dan Levy

Further to demonstrating a beautiful conversation, Whitney Cummings’ podcast features an amazing and uplifting chat with Schitt’s Creek showrunner, star and all-round delightful human being Dan Levy. Whitney is smart as a whip and proves to be a hilarious host, able to pull insightful answers from her guest and producer/assistant. I can’t wait for more of these!!!

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