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Boots, Balls & Bras: On a record-breaking year for Women’s football

Boots, Balls and Bras interview Fara Williams Bex Smith and Eartha Pond


Boots, Balls & Bras: On a record-breaking year for Women’s football

This is Let There Be Pod in Association with Acast. In each issue of the magazine, our partner Acast – home of the UK’s BEST podcasters – sits down for a chat with one of its creators to hear what they love about making podcasts.

In this interview from Issue #024 Acast sat down with two of the hosts from Women’s Football Podcast Boots, Balls & Bras – Eartha Pond and Bex Smith to chat starting their podcast and success of women’s football this year.

EARTHA: I’ve always had ‘doing a Podcast’ on my ‘To Do List’ and wanted to start recording during the Euros (with the spotlight on Women’s Football in mind). However, post retiring Fara Williams (the third host) also expressed an interest in doing a podcast and she never stops talking – so it was a natural fit! Bex Smith is a player I’ve got to know off the pitch and also has similar passion for the game. Bex already has a portfolio around the game and great social commentary so it was a no brainer to get her as part of the dream team.

BEX: Yeah, after hosting The Players Podcast I was looking for different ways to drive conversation with my own take on the game in a broader and more unique kind of way. The initial reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Because the topics are not just ‘scores’ and ‘game analysis’ but touch on broader topics that anyone can relate to, we’ve received really positive feedback from non-traditional women’s football fans. And that’s the aim.

EARTHA: The main challenge we have found starting the pod I’d say, is scheduling time to physically be together to talk football and social issues, purely because we are all aspirational women in our own rights carving a career off the field now. However, long term goals are to continue having open and honest conversations around the game and the impact it can have socially. Where we can support positive change, through voices heard via our platform resulting in action.

BEX: We wanted to make sure Boots, Balls & Bras is a podcast touching on global issues and highlights in the game on and off the pitch. While there’s a tendency to look at football here in England, we try to hit the big topics globally as well. For our Half Time Team Talks we wanted to discuss subjects that resonate with us as well such as player well being, Black History Month, behaviour in the game etc. We’re open to listeners’ suggestions as well, since it’s important to listen to our audience and those who don’t have a platform to raise important topics.

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