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Brett Goldstein: “I like the expansiveness of podcasts”

Brett Goldstein


Brett Goldstein: “I like the expansiveness of podcasts”

In each issue of the magazine, we ask a Podcast Disciple five questions about their love of podcasts and podcasting. For Issue #003 of the we’re joined by Brett Goldstein from the wonderful Films To Be Buried With!

Brett Goldstein
Why do you love podcasts?

I like to have the feeling of being with friends and listening to them chat but with the ability to turn them off whenever I want without hurting anyone’s feelings. Also, in the age of the short attention span and quick fix, I like the expansiveness of podcasts, and that in depth, shades of grey discussions can happen in them – and even continue with addendums the week after based on things learnt over the week. A continuous spectrum of empathy. The stuff you can’t get on TV anymore.

What was the first podcast you ever listened to?

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review which I’ve listened to from day one to now. Two hours, I can break into four journeys. Loooooove it.

Which podcaster makes you laugh the most?

Anne Edmonds on The Grub is maybe the funniest person I’ve ever heard on the medium.

Which podcast has educated you the most??

I love The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast with Stu Goldsmith. He is an excellent interviewer and manages to turn every chat into an intimate therapy session and there are lots of tips to cope with gigs and mental health.

Can you recommend a podcast our readers may not have heard of?

The Grub. An Australian improvised chat and sketch show with three people that weekly makes me piss myself and I don’t have a bladder problem. Anne Edmonds, Greg Larsen and Ben Russell are so funny together. Makes my week. Also, you probably all know this one, but if not listen to Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Funnyyyyyyy.

Films to Be Buried With

Brett’s podcast Films To Be Buried With comes out every Thursday via the Distraction Pieces Network. You can also catch him in SuperBob, a film he wrote alongside director Jon Drever.

Twitter: @brettgoldstein // Insta: @mrbrettgoldstein

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