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British Podcast Awards 2021 – The Winners


British Podcast Awards 2021 – The Winners

Saturday saw the 2021 British Podcast Awards ceremony taking place outside and in person in London’s Brockwell Park. The weather just about held out for the picnic-type event and photos from the day can be found here. The winners were chosen by a diverse range of over 100 judges from the UK and abroad, all of whom work within the sector.

But who was triumphant? Here are the winners of the British Podcast Awards 2021:

Best Daily Podcast supported by Spotify

WINNER: The Intelligence from The Economist

The Economist magazine’s worldwide network of correspondents go deeper into both headlines and the stories that aren’t making headlines, but should be.

The BPA judges said:

“An engaging podcast that explores current affairs using creative use of sound and storytelling to great effect, adding depth to the reporting heard on the daily news.”

SILVER: The Santa Daily

BRONZE: Anthems


Best Comedy Podcast supported by Stitcher


Already an award winning podcast, The Kurupt FM Podkast takes home Best Comedy for a second year. Host MC Grindah describes this Audible Original as “injecting pure knowledge directly into your brain using headphones” as the pirate radio veterans provide vital insight on six burning issues: Nature, Politics, TV & Film, The Future, History, and Travel.

The judges said:

“A show who’s effortless humour in its characters provided serious laugh-out-loud comedy.”

SILVER: SeanceCast

BRONZE: Poppy Hillstead Has Entered The Chat


Best Arts & Culture Podcast supported by Create Productions

WINNER: Real Dictators

Real Dictators launched in April 2020, and  explores the hidden lives of history’s tyrants. The series hosted by Paul McGann has looked in depth at dictators including Franco, Mao Zedong, Gaddfi and of course, Hitler. Each dictator gets several episodes to really uncover the real them.

The judges said:

“The perfect balance of narration, facts and expert opinion set within a dramatic audio production.”


BRONZE: The Secret Life of Songs


Best Branded Content supported by Acast Creative

WINNER: Gardening with the RHS

Seasonal advice, inspiration and practical solutions to gardening problems from trusted gardening professionals. Gardening with the RHS is a practical podcast for gardeners at all levels, but also includes stories, science and more.

The judges said:

“This is a forward thinking podcast that engages listeners with new and traditional gardening content.”

SILVER: Grilling

BRONZE: Table Manners with Jessie Ware


Best Lockdown Podcast supported by Amazon Music

WINNER: Stolen Goodbyes

A podcast that will go down as a social history record of  the COVID 19 pandemic. Foreign affairs journalist and podcaster Karen Rice lets people intimately recount the shock and anguish of losing a loved one to COVID 19 whilst never having the chance to say goodbye.

The judges said:

“the winner was a timely production shining a light on those who’ve not had a voice during this unprecedented, global pandemic that affected so many and whose names are mostly unknown”

SILVER: BBC Your Work, Your Money

BRONZE: Mandemic


Best Family Podcast

WINNER: Maddie’s Sound Explorers

Maddie Moate explores the sounds of science and nature. She travels with experts into a beehive, down the plughole, or up into a cloud, then creates a new piece of music made from the noises discovered.

The judges said

“demonstrates incredible editing, fabulous soundscape, an artful touch that created a beautiful, crazy symphony for the ears.”

SILVER: History Story Time

BRONZE: World Wise Web


Best Fiction Podcast

WINNER: This Thing of Darkness

This 7-part gripping drama from BBC Sounds explores the psychological impact of murder on a victim’s family – and on the killer.

“A powerful and disturbing podcast that speaks to the complexity and contradiction of human existence and relationships. An illuminating and worthwhile listen.”

SILVER: Cassie and Corey

BRONZE: Lem N Ginge: The Princess of Kakos


Best Entertainment supported by Amazon Music

WINNER: Stars In Your Ears

The ‘woman of 1000 voices’ Jess Robinson and a fabulous live band get a real life celebrity guest to learn a new impression in a Mimicry Masterclass. Expect singing, musical mashups and loads of laughs.

The judges said:

“this one stood out as bold and totally unique… It kept a smile on the judges faces throughout.”

SILVER: James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds

BRONZE: A Gay and a NonGay


Best International Podcast supported by Podfront UK

WINNER: Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, even a song—and asks whether we got it right the first time.

“Storytelling at its finest; Malcolm Gladwell lands his points with perfectly judged grace and precision, helping humanise stories that may be lost amongst facts and figures.”

SILVER: Bunga Bunga

BRONZE: How’s Work? by Esther Perel


Best Interview supported by us! (Pod Bible)

WINNER: Dead Honest

Georgie Vesty’s niche podcast interviews the people who helps us as we die and after we are dead – from police divers who recover bodies to a photographer who immortalises infants who have died to help parents as they grieve.

The judges said,

The host was never afraid to ask difficult questions with genuine interest, finding extraordinary discussion points in what were for her guests, none of whom were media professionals or celebrities, everyday situations.”

SILVER: Masala Podcast

BRONZE: Today in Focus


Best New Podcast supported by Audible
(apparently there were over 250 entries for this category this year!)

WINNER: Field Recordings

A podcast where audio-makers stand silently in fields (or things that could be broadly interpreted as fields) – including Death Valley and Lewisham hospital. Field Recordings allowed audio producers to share the outdoors as we were confined by lockdowns.

“Beautifully produced, richly atmospheric and, best of all, entirely unique. We can’t wait to hear more”

SILVER: Prison Bag

BRONZE: Growing up with Gal-Dem


Best Sex & Relationships Podcast

WINNER: Tough Talks from Hits Radio Pride

Hits Radio Pride is the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ radio station from a major broadcaster, so it is worthy of an award for the way it has expanded the reach of intimate and revealing chats beyond heterosexual relationships.

The judges said…

“this series exemplified creativity through a fresh format and diverse guests to deliver a compelling, inclusive podcast with emotional and human connection at its heart”

SILVER: Masala Podcast

BRONZE: Brown Girls Do It Too


Best Radio Podcast

WINNER: The Skewer

This podcast from BBC Radio already has a host of awards, so it’s no surprise it picked up another one. In The Skewer, Jon Holmes brings you the week’s biggest stories, mixed up with satire, sound collage, historical quotes and more. Make sure you listen through headphones to get the full effect of this one.

“a breath-taking, stop-what-you’re-doing show… a truly unique and interesting take on audio storytelling.”

SILVER: Homeschool History

BRONZE: Danny Wallace’s Important Broadcast Podcast


Smartest Podcast supported by Podfollow

WINNER: VENT Documentaries

From VICE UK and Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture, this podcast explores the misadventures of youth – told by youth.

“As well as being original, compelling and creatively produced, this podcast has empowered a group of young people with the skills and confidence needed to become the next generation of audio producers.”

SILVER: Maddie’s Sound Explorers

BRONZE: Peter 2.0


Best Sport Podcast

WINNER: GIANT – A Spotify Original

The multi-award-winning podcast wins another award! GIANT is an audio documentary series that takes you deep into the stories you might know, you think you know, or you definitely should know. ‘Imagine This American Life, if all the stories somehow related to football.’ – The Guardian.

“Head, shoulders and the hand of Maradona above the others, this is a show clearly made with love; love for football, the culture around it and of storytelling, which it does so well.”

SILVER: The High Performance Podcast

BRONZE: F1: Beyond The Grid


Best True Crime Podcast

WINNER: Who Killed CJ Davis?

Presented by the crime correspondent for The Times, this was a special series looking at the unsolved murder of 14 year old CJ Davis, who in 2017 was shot dead in broad daylight in Newham, East London.

“A podcast that has changed our perception of the true crime genre. A remarkably personal investigation into an all too familiar story – adding in the impact on the loved ones of the people involved, and highlighting the devastation of every event of this kind.

“No-one can leave this podcast without questioning their own responsibility and experience around this subject”

SILVER: Hometown: A Killing

BRONZE: Hope High


Best Wellbeing Podcast

WINNER: Discovering Dementia

Discovering Dementia was started in 2017 by Penny Bell, who brings the listener into her family as they learn to live with her mum’s dementia. We said that is was a podcast worthy of more attention and we’re glad it’s received it!

“It clearly grew from the deeply personal experience, containing solid advice as well as personal experiences. We haven’t heard this kind of show anywhere else.”

SILVER: How Did We Get Here?

BRONZE: Cassie & Corey


Best Business Podcast supported by Wondery

WINNER: Doing It For The Kids

This podcast for parents who work freelance became particularly valuable this year, as many parents had to switch to working from home.

“A funny, intelligent, interactive podcast series that totally understands its target audience, and looks after them like family.”

SILVER: The Diary of a CEO

BRONZE: We Built This City: Greater Manchester


Best Podcast in the Welsh Language


A series of talks about life’s ups and downs – and how the arts and creativity can help through challenging and happy times.

“the presenter allowed the conversations to flow naturally and organically – and knew when to intervene and share and when to keep quiet; a rare skill.”

SILVER: Gwrachod Heddiw



Acast Moment of the Year 

WINNER: Where Is George Gibney?

When famous Olympic coach George Gibney was charged with child sexual abuse in 1993, he vanished before he stood trial. This epic investigative podcast follows a two year investigation by reporter Mark Horgan and producer Ciarán Cassidy.

The judges said:

“the winner was a timely production shining a light on those who’ve not had a voice during this unprecedented, global pandemic ”

SILVER: Ways to Change the World

BRONZE: Who Shat On The Floor At My Wedding?


The Bullseye Award supported by Global

WINNER: Some Families

Some Families is a podcast ‘for and about LGBTQ+ families’, says Lotte Jeffs, who lives with her wife and daughter in South East London. She and co-host Stu, an adoptive dad of three, welcome a diverse array of guests.

The judges said:

“what impresses most about the presenters is just how eloquent they are. A much needed podcast that covers important topics”

SILVER: The Confidence Fighter

BRONZE: Out of Home


Creativity Award supported by Audible

WINNER: Interconnected Voices

A UK-based political commentary and personal stories podcast, Interconnected Voices tells stories through a mixed-media format of visual and audio. . We spoke to Cherise Hamilton-Stephenson about Interconnected Voices last December.

“Engaging and informative, this podcast stood out from the crowd. It had great depth of political reporting and covered some very important issues. A very worthy gold winner.”

SILVER: Futile Attempts (At Surviving Tomorrow)

BRONZE: The Power of Sound


Best Network or Publisher

WINNER: Economist Radio

The Economist was founded in 1843 “to throw white light on the subjects within its range” and the magazine has expanded into a range of shows including The Economist Asks, Checks and Balances, The Intelligence and Babbage.

The BPA judges said they were impressed by “how central their podcasting arm was to their editorial and business operation.”

SILVER: Fun Kids

BRONZE: Plosive Productions


Best Documentary Podcast

WINNER: VENT Documentaries

A second win for VENT, and it sets the standard in this new award category.

The judges thought the podcast brings “new insight to this subject by centring voices that have been too often excluded from mainstream coverage.”

SILVER: My Mother’s Murder

BRONZE: The Secrets In Us


The Spotlight Award supported by Global

WINNER: Grounded With Louis Theroux

There have been a lot of new celebrity podcasts over the past year as everyone has been stuck at home, and unable to do much else. But Louis Theroux is a worthy winner, as his podcast has become a firm favourite with many listeners very quickly. Lockdown allowed Louis the excuse to speak to some high-profile people he’s been longing to talk to, and his interview skills are as good in podcast as they are elsewhere.

“a brilliant selection of high profile guests who open up in unexpected and disarmingly vulnerable ways. It’s a podcast that creates very impactful conversations on often crucial topics.”


BRONZE: French & Saunders: Titting About


Best Current Affairs Podcast

WINNER: Your Broccoli Weekly

It’s been over a year since the last episode, but Your Broccoli Weekly still won Best Current Affairs podcast. The podcast brought a summary of 3 of the stories on everyone’s lips each week, and excelled in way both the host (Journalist Diyora Shadijanova) and the guests brought ideas and opinions often not heard elsewhere.

The judges said:

“The fact that a small team have been able to pull something off to this standard is really impressive.”

SILVER: The Intelligence

BRONZE: Interconnected Voices


BBC Sounds Listener’s Choice

WINNER: RedHanded

After getting a Silver award in the 2020 BPAs, the podcast chosen by the public this year is the true crime podcast RedHanded. RedHanded caters to many tastes by covering everything from big time serial killers, to hauntings, possessions, disturbing mysteries, and bizarre whodunits. More than 140,000 podcast listeners voted in this category.

SILVER: Sh**ged Married Annoyed

BRONZE: Football Weekly


 Spotify Podcast Champion

TV Presenter, Radio Host and host of Happy Place, Fearne Cotton has won the Podcast Champion award for an individual who has championed the podcasting cause this year.

“With her show, Happy Place, Fearne Cotton has provided a platform for those who have found it hard to get coverage elsewhere in the media – and created a safe space for the community she built…”

The Gold Award

This last-minute special award was created to recognise a podcast that has been running (almost) since podcasts began. Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann’s podcast Answer Me This ran for 15 years, and made 400 episodes, but recently came to an end. The judges said:

“After 400 episodes and fifteen years, Answer Me This!, is coming to an end. They’ve shown that it’s possible to make a living from your living room. And now they’ve shown how to bow out gracefully. We know they will each continue to do great things.”

Podcast Of The Year supported by Sony Music’s 4th Floor Creative

WINNER: VENT Documentaries

And it’s a third win for VENT! To be the winner of winners is a fantastic feat, and it is very exciting to see it given to a podcast that champions young creators – we should keep an eye on everyone involved in this one.

The judges said:

“It gave a fresh insight into real lives as lived by young people, and offered opportunities for those same young people to learn new skills… A series from the heart of a community that showcased new talent and touched all who heard it.”


Congratulations to all of this years winners!

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