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The Pod Bible Podcast is the podcast podcast where podcasters talk to podcasters about podcasts and podcasting. Does it get anymore meta?

The show is hosted by Pod Bible editor Adam Richardson and occasionally features fellow Pod Bible co-founders Stu Whiffen and Scroobius Pip.

We bring you a bite size, magazine style show featuring three guests talking about their show or the shows they enjoy listening to. The aim is to give you a chance to hear from your favourite podcasters while also introducing you to people and podcasts you may not be aware of yet.

Guests include the people behind podcasts such as Off Menu, No Such Thing As A Fish, Football Ramble, Griefcast, Films To Be Buried With, The Receipts, Drunk Women Solving Crime and many, many more. Let’s spread the word of pod!

The Pod Bible Podcast is available to listen to on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all good podcast outlets!

  • Hannah Chissick and Laura Checkley share working class stories in The Proper Class Podcast

    By June 28, 2022

    We’ve seen a lot of creators from the theatre world make their into podcasting over the last few years. For some, it was a result of the pandemic, when podcasts offered a way to continue making stories. But for others, the lure of podcasting is purely about the freedom to speak your mind, and pick the minds of others. In...

  • Diary of a CEO on Apple Podcasts Diary of a CEO on Apple Podcasts

    The inner workings of The Diary of a CEO

    By June 21, 2022

    In Issue #021 of the Pod Bible Magazine, Apple Podcasts spoke to the team behind The Diary of a CEO about the importance of community and goals to expand their business. This is ‘The Creator’, in association with Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts and Pod Bible partnered up for a series of interviews with creators to share their stories and how they...

  • The Spying Game cover The Spying Game cover

    Rory Bremner explores the fact and fiction in The Spying Game

    By May 19, 2022

    Broadcaster, satirist and impressionist Rory Bremner is hosting a brand new podcast, The Spying Game, packed with fictional Hollywood spy tales and real-life espionage. Each week, host Rory Bremner sits down with a Hollywood filmmaker, international author or TV star, and a real-life international spy to separate the facts of true espionage from the fiction we see on screen. As...

  • The Creator Tortoise The Creator Tortoise

    Tortoise’s slow news approach has a fast growing audience

    By May 16, 2022

    In a new section of the magazine, Basia Cummings, Editor at Tortoise, talks about the value of slow news, and how to build listenership in podcasts. This is ‘The Creator’, in association with Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts and Pod Bible partnered up for a series of interviews with creators. In each issue, we ask creators about their podcast and how...

  • Yorkshire Grit: A sport-focused podcast about men’s mental health

    By May 12, 2022

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year’s theme is Loneliness. There are many ways to connect with people, with sports being one of the most popular. Yorkshire Grit, produced by This is Distorted, is a podcast targeting some of the biggest issues in men’s mental health, aimed at unlocking the stigma and bringing sensitive subjects to the fore, no...

  • EUREKA! The podcast getting under the skin of science…

    By May 9, 2022

    From Issue #020 of the Pod Bible magazine, the regular column from Stak looked at the latest addition to the Football Ramble Presents feed. This is Breaking Bread. Last month, Stak launched its latest high profile entry into the world of science podcasts: Eureka! Science enthusiast Rick Edwards (5 Live Breakfast) and actual real-life scientist (and author) Dr. Michael Brooks...

  • Sisters in the City cover Sisters in the City cover

    Talking podcasts with Acast and Sisters In The City

    By April 28, 2022

    This is Let There Be Pod in Association with Acast. In each issue of the magazine, our partner Acast – home of the UK’s BEST podcasters – sits down for a chat with one of its creators to hear what they love about making podcasts. In this interview, from issue #020, Acast speaks to Anna & Mandi Vakili about Sisters In...

  • Play On Podcasts: Shakespeare runs wild

    By April 23, 2022

    It’s time to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Shakespeare! Although we can’t be exactly sure when William Shakespeare was born, April 23rd is traditionally taken as the playwright’s birthday. We wanted to mark the day by talking to a podcast that celebrates Shakespeare’s work. Play On Podcasts is a series of epic audio adventures from Next Chapter Podcasts, that reimagine the...

  • The Lodge cast The Lodge cast

    The Lodge Cast looks beyond beavers to the state of nature in the UK

    By April 22, 2022

    It’s Earth Day 2022! Whilst environmental consciousness shouldn’t be confined to one day, it is a good chance to highlight projects that are doing the work all year round. We wanted to highlight a podcast focusing on a underestimated creature when it comes to our environment. The Lodge Cast is a show from The Beaver Trust, a charity dedicated to…...

  • Professor Sue Black 100 Moments Professor Sue Black 100 Moments

    INTERVIEW // Professor Sue Black from 100 Moments that Rocked Computer Science

    By April 20, 2022

    Does Computer Science have an image problem? Research published last month by the British Computing Society says that it’s the least popular of all the science subjects and that boys still outnumber girls in these classes six to one. Professor Sue Black, tech evangelist and professor of computer science at Durham University, is on a mission to reverse these numbers...

  • Sarah Williams Tough Girl Podcast Sarah Williams Tough Girl Podcast

    Exclusive interview: Sarah Williams from the Tough Girl Podcast

    By April 12, 2022

    When I saw the winners of the Sports Podcast Awards this year, I was thrilled to see which podcast was recognised as Best Urban & Adventure Podcast. The Tough Girl Podcast is not only a great outdoors podcast to inspire you to get outdoors more, but it highlights women in adventure and extreme sports – where they are traditionally underrepresented...

  • Matt Allen digital bulls Matt Allen digital bulls

    INTERVIEW // Matt Allen from Digital Bulls

    By April 8, 2022

    Digital Bulls is a new podcast production and promotion agency. Established by music service agency The Famous Company as part of an effort to diversify the creative services, the agency comprises a specialist team of Bristol-based content creators, designers, marketing experts and audio-visual engineers. From conversations and interviews to storytelling, documentary and scripted fiction, it develops, produces and distributes bespoke...

  • Gin and Toxic Gin and Toxic

    INTERVIEW // Christina Harris from Gin & Toxic

    By April 7, 2022

    With an extremely loyal and dedicated fanbase, Christina Harris, also known as BeautyChickee, has never struggled to get her followers to hit that subscribe button. Whether you’re looking for her indomitable sense of humour, unafraid to tackle any subject, or if you’re looking for tips from the beauty industry, Christina manages to attract every kind of listener and viewer. On...

  • Stak Clash of the titles Stak Clash of the titles

    Clash of the Titles: Listeners take control!

    By March 30, 2022

    Clash of The Titles is the podcast where two movies with something in common go head to head in a fight to the death. It’s a big-screen battle royale and you have front row seats! Spearheaded by Sky Cinema presenter Alex Zane, writer Vicky Crompton and film journalist Chris Tilly, Clash of The Titles came out of regular coffees between...

  • Festival_of_the_Spoken_Nerd_Idil_Sukan Festival_of_the_Spoken_Nerd_Idil_Sukan

    INTERVIEW // Matt, Helen and Steve from A Podcast of Unnecessary Detail

    By March 29, 2022

    Just how deep can you dive into science and still be entertaining? A Podcast of Unnecessary Detail proves that it’s a very deep pool. From Festival of the Spoken Nerd (aka. Matt Parker, Steve Mould and Helen Arney) A Podcast of Unnecessary Detail takes things that you wouldn’t believe could be interesting, and makes them fascinating by drilling down to...

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