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Charlie Morgan: Head of Production at Stak


Charlie Morgan: Head of Production at Stak

What goes on behind the scenes of a podcast production company? In Issue #022 we learned more about one of the Producers Behind Stak.

The Football Ramble has been at the centre of football podcasting across the world for 15 years. What started out as four blokes sitting round a kitchen table with a minidisc player has grown into a varied slate of shows, including everything from studio discussions dissecting both the men’s and women’s game, to interviews, documentaries and immersive on-location features. Through all that the team maintain a keen eye for the absurd, and it’s been that way since its inception in 2007.

With the new football season starting this month ahead of a World Cup starting in November, we sat down with Charlie Morgan – Head of Production at Stak and a Football Ramble producer – to discuss what we can expect from the year ahead.

So, what does your day as a producer look like?

A real joy of the job is that no two days are the same. Mondays and Fridays are still dominated by the main Football Ramble episodes that we record at Stak HQ, so the content-planning and organisation for those hugely popular episodes is always a priority – listeners want to hear from us as soon as possible!

Away from that, it could be anything! I might be heading to a match to record an episode of At The Match with Andy Brassell, or we might be in the Stak office planning our next documentary series. I think listeners really enjoy the variety of what we do – so my job is equally as varied.

What are you most excited for on the Ramble network this season?

Upfront, our award-nominated women’s football show, has been really successful throughout the Euros this summer, and it’s a true joy to work on. I can’t wait to do more with Flo, Rachel and Chloe as we continue to grow the show and truly set our stall out as the definitive place for women’s football audio. Watch this space!

What’s the hardest part of producing the Football Ramble?

The range of content means we’re constantly juggling different deadlines! Some shows need to be recorded, edited and made available for listeners within an hour while others take months to produce, so keeping track of various spinning plates can be tricky.

Thankfully I’ve got a great team around me who keep things running smoothly. Luke Moore, Stak’s COO and Football Ramble host, has a wealth of experience we often draw on, while Finn Ranson and Rory Evans are the true workhorses of the Ramble team. It’s gone from a passion project to one of the biggest podcasts in the UK, but it’s safe to say the passion hasn’t gone anywhere.

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