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11 of the funniest comedy podcasts – picked by comedians AND our writers!

what are the funniest comedy podcasts podcasts by comedians


11 of the funniest comedy podcasts – picked by comedians AND our writers!

As one of the most popular podcast genres, every listener needs a good comedy podcast in their queue. But how do you even begin to narrow down which ones will actually make you laugh? Jason Reed finds out…

It’s cold and flu season, so let’s reach for the best medicine… laughter! Comedy podcasts are thriving: they are providing a welcome relief to the commute, they can help you get through the most mundane of chores, and they can also create conversations in the workplace and at home.

For instance, I would not be allowed to write about comedy podcasts without mentioning Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s Shag Married Annoyed. This podcast, as well as its BBC1 spin-off, has led my partner and I to consistently spill each other’s ‘beef’ with each other. “I have another Chris and Rosie for you” we would say as I relay the fact that my partner doesn’t know how to use household bins – and yes, I am bringing our personal troubles to print. Chris and Rosie have become the arbiters of our domestic quarrels.

As this goes to show, comedy can be so personal, and what is funny for one person may not be for others. So I’ve asked for some help in pulling together the best comedy podcasts. Some other Pod Bible writers have of course given us their favourite funny shows. But which podcasts are the comedians listening to and making them laugh? Don’t worry – we’ve asked some of them too! Let’s take a look…

The writers’ choices:

I, Jason Reed, recommend:
Call Jonathan Pie

I also have to give a significant hat tip to Call Jonathan Pie, a wonderfully crafted podcast which combines satire and parody. Jonathan, the frenetic news presenter, hosts a radio call-in show on the hot button topics such as Brexit, comedy, drugs, the environment, and many more issues that invariably end up becoming polarised shouting matches in conventional media. Pie plays the devil’s advocate superbly, often becoming the butt of the joke and constructed bigotry. There’s also some wonderful subtle jokes, such as the fact that Jonathan, of course, is a Ribena drinker and a Curly Wurly fan. Listen here >>

Katie Stokes recommends:
The Inspired Unemployed

“If you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast with your best friend (and I know you have), use The Inspired Unemployed as your blueprint. Matt and Jack are high school besties poking fun at life in Australia, social media, and, best of all, themselves. Diving into old Instagram posts, exposing their search history, calling up friends in baby talk – the cringe is palpable. And if the embarrassing stories aren’t enough to captivate you, the infectious laughter and sweet nuggets of vulnerability they share should be enough to win your heart. An easy, relaxing listen – the epitome of no thoughts, just vibes”. Listen here >>

Laviea Thomas recommends:
The Gossip Gays

“The Gossip Gays is a Weekly LGBTQ+ podcast co-hosted by season 4 UK Drag Race queen (and winner), Danny Beard and Sea DJ Billy Andrew. Over the last few months, I’ve fallen in love with this show, purely for its completely candid storytelling. The podcast covers a range of topics but is mostly based on the prefix of gay culture, lifestyle, sex and embarrassing stories, often told through text submissions by their listeners. Whether you tune in on Spotify, or you catch a glimpse of their 60-second Instagram reels, you’re bound to find yourself belly-laughing at some of the content”. Listen here  >>

Rosie Wilby, Pod Bible writer and host of The Breakup Monologues recommends:
The Way They Were

“In this charming and well-researched show, Gráinne Maguire and Chantal Feduchin-Pate reminisce with a guest about the celebrity couplings that didn’t quite make it. From Tom and Nicole, Britney and Justin to the mother of all breakups – Charles and Diana. There’s a great dynamic between the two hosts and an obvious shared passion for nostalgic pop culture. Chantal has to guess each week’s celebrity pairing from a few clues. And after dissecting the ups and downs of the relationship in forensic (some might say obsessive) detail, votes are cast as to who ‘won’ the breakup. I can’t wait for things to get meta and for one of the guests to become a subject of the show.” Listen here >>

Tom Nicholson recommends:
Paper Cuts

“In the year that the political insider podcast started eating itself, Paper Cuts has been a breath of fresh air. The idea of a newspaper review show being the great leap forward of 2023 is a little unexpected, but given how irreverent – like, genuinely irreverent, not Radio 4 panel show irreverent – Miranda Sawyer’s weekday look at the legacy media headlines is, it’s a wonder nobody’s done it before. Or, at least, done it this well and with such well-picked pundits and non-pundits from new media. It’s a very giggly, very withering, very non-earnest pricking of old media’s most pompous excesses, as well as a fond look at its foibles.”  Listen here >>

The Comedian’s Choices:

Tiernan Douieb, host of the award-winning Bust or Trust podcast, recommends:
Only Wrong Answers

“I was already a fan of Australian double act the two Kates (Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney) from their incredibly funny Katering Show, Get Krackin and recent crime comedy Deadloch. But Only Wrong Answers is a proper delight. Kate and Kate have the sort of enviable relationship that means they bounce off each others’ comments with such perfect silliness and acerbic wit that only good friends can have, and getting to listen in is a treat. Every episode so far has had me corpsing with laughter, often in public. Who knew that what I needed was an advice podcast where the hosts give zero advice and mostly tell everyone who’s written in to f*ck off? Despite a three-year hiatus, it seems this show is now nearly, almost, weekly and I’m so very, very pleased. Just brilliant.” Listen here >>

Pope Lonergan, comedian and author:
Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast

“There’s an embarrassing trend in comedy podcasting (best encapsulated by Jimmy Carr’s cringey appearance on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’) where comedians lapse into a disquisition on the nature of comedy and over-inflate their societal importance. As Stavros Halkias (at his hyper-aware, self-deprecating best) said to Burt Kreischer (at his most self-indulgent and Rogan-sphere worst) “We’re not in the armed forces. Let’s fucking relax”.

Anyway, US comics like Stavros or Matt McCusker & Shane Gillis (the Matt & Shane in Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast) are the antithesis of this development. And the episode they did with Danny McBride (especially the part about getting horny over ‘Easter pastels’) was one of the few times I’ve belly-laughed while listening to a podcast in public.

Sidenote: I’ve DEFINITELY been guilty of ‘comedy pontificating’. Which is why I hate every interview I’ve ever done.” Listen here >>

Josie Long of Book Shambles, Short Cuts and Josie & Jonny Are Having a Baby:
The Beef and Dairy Network

“I just can’t recommend this show enough, I never, ever get bored of it. It’s the comic invention of brilliant producer Benjamin Partridge. Ostensibly an industry podcast about farming, it is the most inventive, silly, wild and exciting show. It’s been going now for a decade and I recommend enjoying every episode. The most impressive thing is the amount of lore it’s built up. The universe of the show is as rich as the finest rich beef sausages. Its recurring characters and themes only get more exciting, and Ben never fails to bring in new ideas, performers and sound textures to the show!” Listen here >>

Rufus Hound, actor, comedian and presenter, too champions:
The Beef and Dairy Network (when Rufus and Josie both recommend the same show, you can’t ignore it.)

“Many of the things I’ve loved most create whole other worlds for me to step into. Dungeons and Dragons. Doctor Who. The Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett. Add to this list The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast. What started as a whimsical take on a podcast for those involved – or just interested – in the production of beef animals and dairy herds has, now with over 100 episodes, become an entire universe populated with disreputable vets, horrifying product sponsorships, surreal ad breaks, alternative Yuletide folklore and customs… it’s dizzying.

Is it funny though? Yes. It is. If, like me, you grew up watching Vic and Bob, The Boosh, Ianucci, Paul Foot, Emo Philips… my gosh, yes it is. Thanks to the surrealist Benjamin Partridge’s exquisite palate and his cast of brilliant regulars, skilfully improvising it’s about as funny a thing as you can sling in your ears. Listen here >>

Three Bean Salad is Benjamin with Henry Parker and Mike Wozniak and has me regularly laughing inappropriately on public transport, so I’d recommend that too.” Listen here >>

Matt Hoss, host of Castival and Matt Hoss Talks to People He Likes:
Pappy’s Flatshare

“Pappy’s Flatshare is my favourite podcast of all time. One of the consistently funny podcasts featuring Matthew, Tom, Ben and producer Emma. Their podcast has several formats: solving beefs, chatting as an ensemble and a live panel show with guests (Plus their community-focussed patreon episodes). All of them include their sharp wit, kind hearts and big laughs. This is the kind of podcast that will make you laugh on public transport, every week. Having Pappy’s in my ear-canal is always one of my highlights of my week, I love them so much.” Listen here >>

Rich Wilson, Insane in the Men Brain and Insane in the Fem Brain:
From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast

“I’d drifted away from Alan Partridge for whatever reason but was dragged back into his sports coat clad arms by my excellent friend and comedian Angela Barnes when she insisted we listen to his From The Oasthouse podcast on our long journeys when I supported her on tour – and it swiftly became one of my all time favourites. I love how unconventional it is, like when Partridge is shouting instructions off mic to his cleaner who is downstairs and it goes on for just that little too long, which is hilarious! Excellent work once again from Coogan!” Listen on Audible >>

Esther Manito, co-host Ghastly Women:
Watch What Crappens

“I love The Real Housewives – like totally obsessed. It’s my escapism, but what has made me even more in love with the franchise is a podcast called Watch What Crappens. Its hosts, Ronnie Karem and Ben Mandelker deconstruct every episode with hilarious impressions of every character. It makes me watch more real housewives episodes then I would normally just so I can listen to their take.” Listen here >>

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