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Companion Podcasts & Military Wives: The Official Film Podcast Launch


Companion Podcasts & Military Wives: The Official Film Podcast Launch

As the popularity of podcasts has grown, discussions of Film and TV shows have proved to constitute some of the biggest audiences in podcasting. From review shows like Kermode and Mayo, to podcasts dedicated to evaluating every single episode of Gossip Girl, it’s clear that podcasts listeners cannot get enough of screens, be it small or silver. It’s therefore hugely exciting to bring you news of the launch of a brand new podcast to accompany the release of Military Wives- in cinemas from 6th March. 

Companion podcasts are a brilliant way of keeping up conversations and hype for films and TV shows. Last year, Chernobyl was a massive hit for Sky TV and its success was supplemented by The Chernobyl Podcast. Each episode of the show was discussed and dissected by hosts Peter Sagal and Craig Mazin, allowing fans of the show to theorise, speculate and otherwise immerse themselves in the story of the show. It’s this immersion which makes companion shows so popular, it gives the listener the opportunity to indulge in a little obsession, allowing opportunity for “water-cooler” discussion and expands the footprint of the show or film.

With the release of Military Wives, Lionsgate and Cameo bring us their very own companion podcast, hosted by TV and Radio’s Gaby Roslin. Joining Gaby in this five-part series will be Dame Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan, who star in the film, as well as the director Peter Cattaneo. The show will also feature interviews and conversations with some of the women who make up the Military Wives Choirs.

Gaby Roslin says “I have loved speaking to these fascinating guests. I am thrilled to be part of this podcast series; it is exactly what film fans and podcast listeners are looking for. As podcast listening continues to rise, I think this is a new and exciting way to reach audiences especially for films like this with fascinating backstories and lots to talk about.”

Military Wives is in cinemas from 6th March.

Listen to Military Wives: The Official Film Podcast here

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