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Daniel P. Carter: “An excuse to paint portraits of people I like”

Daniel P. Carter


Daniel P. Carter: “An excuse to paint portraits of people I like”

In each issue of the magazine, we ask a Podcast Disciple five questions about their love of podcasts and podcasting. For Issue #004 of the Pod Bible magazine we were joined by Daniel P. Carter, from BBC Radio 1 and his own podcast Someone Who Isn’t Me!

Daniel P. Carter

Daniel, why do you love podcasts?

Well most of the podcasts I listen to are conversations with people about a bunch of the things I’m super interested in, mainly occult, esoteric and conspiracy type stuff. Haha. Magick and tinfoil hats for the most part. I think people would expect me to listen to music pods, but I’ve got that covered in everything I do for Radio 1 and with Someone Who Isn’t Me.

Generally, most of the esoteric stuff is kinda fringe and can be a bit starchy, so when I find a great podcast host who knows what’s up then
I get stoked on it. But, as far as what I love about DOING a podcast, I’m into sitting down with people I find inspiring and asking them about their work and how they approach the creative process. How they might view that in a wider more spiritual sense. I also kind of use it as a means of becoming friends or often better friends with the guests I have. I love the idea that I can do an episode that has a totally different conversation with someone like Marilyn Manson or Maynard James Keenan or Laura Jane Grace than they would have talking about their latest album or book with someone else. That’s the fun of it. It also gives me an excuse to paint portraits of people I like without coming across as too much of a creepy weirdo.

What was the first podcast you ever listened to?

I guess it was probably something like The Joe Rogan Experience. The first pod I really remember was episode 666 of his, where he had Duncan Trussell as a guest. That conversation blew my mind, made me laugh a bunch and I became a fan of Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour straight away.

Which podcaster makes you laugh the most?

One of my regular listens is Last Podcast On The Left and those dudes are really funny, Henry Zebrowski is always so out of order, I love it. But to be honest, recently the one that makes me laugh most is Craig Reynolds who’s pod is The Downbeat. It’s mainly a drum podcast, but he’s super funny. Definitely got a Ricky Gervais kinda thing with his humour. If Ricky was obsessed with blast beats, the band Tool, weightlifting and a dog called Luna.

Which podcast has educated you the most?

I think Gordon White’s pod Rune Soup is great. He’s very smart, very well read, a brilliant interviewer and he’s totally cool with subjects that can come across as mad pretentious, so to be very matter of fact and down to earth about paranormal / UFO / mystical subjects is great. So yeah, Gordon and Jason Louv from Ultra Culture is where I get all my book list tips from.

Can you recommend a podcast that our readers may not have heard of?

So aside from all the ones I mentioned already (and Someone Who Isn’t Me obviously), I guess The Higher Side Chats has some pretty interesting guests. To be honest though, I do have to pick and choose with that one because some of it is the craziest conspiracy stuff and it ends up making me scream at the podcast and I have to turn it off. But there’s definitely good stuff in there. Also I got way into Emil Amos’ Drifters Sympathy when it first started. I kinda skipped the episodes when he spoke about some obscure music scene and binged all the episodes when he talks about his life when he was growing up as he has got the maddest stories. Like proper David Lynch vibes.


Someone Who Isn’t Me features Daniel talking to artists about music, art, culture and the esoteric. He presents The Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 every Sunday from 7pm-10pm and is also the curator of The Pit at Reading & Leeds Festivals. Listen now on ACAST, SPOTIFY or your favourite podcast app.

@danielpcarter // @SWIMpodcast

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