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Top 5 episodes – The Pod Bible Podcast!

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Top 5 episodes – The Pod Bible Podcast!

Okay, I admit it – when I joined Pod Bible, I hadn’t listened to the whole Pod Bible Podcast back-catalogue… To be fair, there are now over 75 episodes to choose from, so hopefully my sins will be forgiven. But as a newbie to the Pod Bible team, one of the first things I did after joining was to dive deep into the archives. Now that I am (nearly) caught up, I thought I’d help other new listeners dive in, and share my Pod Bible Divine 5 and why they’re worth checking out.

Episode 001 Pod bible

#001 • No Such Thing As A Fish / White Wine Question Time / Birthday Girls House Party

One, two, skip a few… That’s how everyone goes through back-catalogues, right? If you are brand new to Pod Bible, I have to point you to the inaugural episode of the podcast. It dives straight in the deep end with No Such Thing As A Fish (pun fully intended). Listen to Adam and Stu chatting to Dan Schreiber about the massively successful show, as well as some great recommendations from Kate Thornton from White Wine Question Time. Plus, there’s far too much fun being had by the team from Birthday Girls House Party! Listen here >>

Episode 050 Pod bible

#050 • Distraction Pieces / Off The Beat & Track / Hardest Part Of The Ring

What’s one of the best things about applying for jobs in the podcast world? You can get to know your potential colleagues before you even send your CV! When Pod Bible Podcast turned 50 episodes young, the Pod Bible originators celebrated with chats from Pip about his Distraction Pieces Podcast, as well as a few recommendations from Stu and Ad. It’s a great chat, and a must listen if you want to feel like a true Pod Bible disciple. Listen here >>

Episode 039 Pod bible podcast back-catalogue

#039 • Have You Heard George’s Podcast / Private Parts / The Big Travel Podcast

Have you heard the Have You Heard George’s Podcast podcast? If the answer is ‘yes’, you should definitely have a listen to this episode. And I don’t just say that because I really wanted to write that sentence to confuse you. Adam’s conversation with George the Poet was one of the first ones recorded during the first COVID lockdown in March 2020. It was really interesting to hear how the lockdown isolation mirrored George’s creative process. Listen here >>

Episode 070 Pod bible podcast back-catalogue

#072 • Rule Not The Exception • The Log Books • Self Care Club

Pod Bible, both magazine and podcast, are here to give you a chance to hear from your favourite podcasters while also introducing you to people and podcasts you may not be aware of yet. This recent episode did that for me perfectly. It prompted me to finally listen to The Log Books, which had been in my queue since its British Podcast Awards success. AND then after listening to The Log Books, and loving it, I immediately subscribed to Tash’s recommendations. Listen here >>

Bonus Episode with Jordan Rizzieri and Scroobius Pip Pod bible podcast

Bonus Episode: A Message From Pod Bible

This episode is very different to the rest of the podcast back-catalogue, but it is also one of the most important. Following the death of George Floyd and subsequent centring of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, the team at Pod Bible contemplated their role and responsibility to help bring change. Pod Bible Founder, Scroobius Pip, and my predecessor, Jordan Rizzieri, had a conversation about the Pod Bible Pledge, and the importance of reaching out to underrepresented communities to spotlight their work. It’s a pledge I fully agree with. Listen here >>

The Pod Bible Podcast is the podcast podcast where podcasters talk to podcasters about podcasts and podcasting. Does it get anymore meta? The Pod Bible Podcast back-catalogue is available here on the website, on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all good podcast outlets!

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