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Top 5 episodes – Seize Your Adventure: An Epilepsy Podcast

Seize Your Adventure


Top 5 episodes – Seize Your Adventure: An Epilepsy Podcast

The OH. MY. POD section of the Pod Bible magazine is our place to share some independent podcasts. If you’ve read Issue #013, you might have seen the recommendation for the adventure and epilepsy podcast Seize Your Adventure. Well you may be interested to know that is my podcast! And because the second Monday in February is always International Epilepsy Day, I asked if I could share my own Divine 5 to spread some shameless epilepsy awareness…

I Am A Runner by Amanda PlompI am a runner
Wow, I didn’t realise how hard it is to look back over your work and pick your Divine 5! But this narrative episode holds a special place in my heart. It was the first story written specifically for a podcast format. Amanda’s passion for running eclipses any concerns she might have around heading into the backcountry with epilepsy. Listen to this for a great story that teaches just a little bit about epilepsy. The music by Kev Rowe was such a perfect match to the story as well. Listen now on Acast >>

Ep 10 Adventurers Talk Epilepsy

Adventurers Talk Epilepsy
This episode is a great place to start for both people who don’t know about epilepsy, and for people who do. Most of the chats on Seize Your Adventure are with people living with epilepsy, and we learn about how they do adventure sports with the condition. This episode flipped it around and I talked to people who work in the outdoor sector and asked what they knew about the condition. It was a great way to correct a few epilepsy myths, and reassure people with epilepsy that they can safely access the outdoors, and will be welcomed. Listen now on Acast >>

Jade Nelson

A Chat with Jade Nelson: Keto for Epilepsy, Camping and her Seizure Story
I have spoken to so many interesting people with epilepsy about their passion for adventure sports: runners, hikers, surfers, climbers, triathletes and extreme adventurers. I wish I could pick all of their episodes! But if I can only pick one, I think it’s fair to pick my very first chat. Jade is based in Texas, so it was about 7am for her when we were recording. This is a pretty in-depth conversation for that time of the morning, about mental struggles due to epilepsy, but also the fun sports and challenges Jade has done over the years. So memorable and such a good sign of what was to come… Listen now on Acast >>

Outdoor Mindset cover art

The Outdoor Mindset
The episode I am most proud of is The Outdoor Mindset. It was a big story to tell – not just about the organisation Outdoor Mindset, but also sharing some information about neurological conditions, and talking about my own trip to Colorado. I interviewed several different people in many different locations, made some on-site recordings, did a lot of research and scripting. It all took much longer than I thought it would! But I hope the end result is entertaining, informative and an easy listen. Listen now Acast>>

Can i do adventure sports with epilepsy

Can I Do Adventure Sports with Epilepsy?
Spoiler – the short answer is yes! But this episode is definitely worth a listen for anyone who is interested in adventure sports, what epilepsy is, how to adapt activities and assess risks. This gets to the essence of the Seize Your Adventure podcast, so if there is one podcast about epilepsy you listen to today – this is the episode to head to. Listen now on Acast>>

You can listen to Seize Your Adventure on Spotify, Acast and your favourite podcast app. Read more OH. MY. POD. recommendations in the Pod Bible magazine, which you can read online or buy in our shop. And get in touch on social media or by email to share your own podcast recommendations!

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