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DOING IT! With Hannah Witton


DOING IT! With Hannah Witton

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Hannah Witton is a sex and relationships YouTuber and author. In her new podcast series, Doing It, she aims to remove shame and stigma around sex and instead, nerd out about relationships and bodies and just getting it on.

Every Wednesday, Hannah is joined by some very special guests in a series of  open & honest conversations where guests talk about their personal experiences from periods and pregnancy to sex, disability and everything in between. Hannah has already spoken to author and activist Scarlett Curtis about body image, losing your virginity ‘late’ and asks whether indulging in sex makes you a bad feminist. With Yasmin Johal, she dives into her unique story of finding out about her pregnancy whilst being at university. Other upcoming guests include sex blogger and author Oloni, queer YouTuber Rowan Ellis and Kat Blaque.

You can also watch some extra content of Hannah answering the PopBuzz Guide to the internet’s most WTF sex questionsWhat happens when you die with an erection? How do you go about getting a sex spirit? Are these wild sex questions actually based on any facts? Find out everything you never needed to know right now!

Listen to Doing It every Wednesday on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.



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