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Esther Manito: Women can be ghastly too


Esther Manito: Women can be ghastly too

One of the highlights of the new Independent Podcast Awards was being introduced to so many new podcasts – and not just the nominees! Most of the people involved in the event were also independent podcasters, including the host for the evening, the comedian Esther Manito.

In Ghastly Women, Esther and her good friend Lily Philips bring to light the ‘other’ side of the so called “weaker sex”. They put some truly horrible women up with the big bad boys, because until we have women who are just as horrifying as some men, we will never get the respect/fear we deserve.

We sent over a few questions to learn more about the podcast…

Esther Manito at the Independent Podcast Awards

Esther Manito at the Independent Podcast Awards

Can you tell us about your show – what is your elevator pitch?

There are so many podcasts about men who do horrible things and we wanted to show that women too can be ghastly. From killers, to stalkers and online trolls we cover all the things heinous committed by the fairer sex.

How did the show come about?

It came about from lockdown where myself and Lily would play interactive Pictionary online with an audience and each week we had a theme. The theme of female criminals hooked us.

Why podcasting? What is it about the format that appeals to you?

It’s allows us to be completely transparent and let the listeners get to us in a really honest way. The podcast is incredibly dark and humour is maniacal. It’s such chaos but we have developed such a brilliant fan base who share our sense of humour and it’s such a joy to reach out to them.

Were you influenced by any podcasts or podcasters before you started the show?

I love a podcast called Watch What Crappens. It’s two friends discussing the world of bravo reality TV. It honestly feels like you’re sat with two friends listening to them bantering and I think we have been influenced by this dynamic, drawing our listeners into our world and being ourselves completely.

What have you learnt about women from making your podcast?

That there is still a long way to go when it comes to women’s voices being given a platform. Our podcast is based on mocking the boundaries enforced on female performers and how we still are expected to follow mainstream narratives that want women as affable and as non threatening as possible. This podcast has given us the space to show us as piss-takers who are more than happy to mock the language and ideologies that are often used to repress women.

What do you think the secret is to a good ‘buddy’ podcast?

Chemistry. We both really enjoy each other’s company and I think that’s evident on the podcast. We know each other really well, we are part of each others lives both in and outside of work.

Finally, what is your current favourite podcast you would recommend to readers?

Watch What Crappens- if you like bravo tv
British Scandal – for a gripping story
Casefile – for true crime
Carrie Jade Does Not Exist – brilliant analysis of a con woman

Ghastly Women

Listen to Ghastly Women now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other popular podcast apps >>

Follow Lily Phillips on Twitter @lily_comedy and Esther Manito @esther_manito

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