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6 great podcasts to expand your women’s sport collection

best womens sport podcasts


6 great podcasts to expand your women’s sport collection

I’m not a football fan but I love the excitement of major tournaments. There’s something special about being in a pub, pint in hand, glued to a screen amongst a crowd of strangers. The Women’s World Cup was no different and the buzz around it swallowed me whole, including my podcast listening.

And I wasn’t alone – this summer of sport has witnessed a boost in podcast listeners, and more coverage of the women flourishing within it. My love of history led me to the Quite Unsuitable for Females podcast where the women’s game is delved into, as far back as the 1920s.

There are some impressive stats too; women’s cycling is now the 4th most followed sport and a recent announcement that England’s cricketers will get the same match fees as men.

You’ll find a common thread throughout my six recommendations below of chugging away – mostly at a grassroots level – to get women the recognition they deserve. From stories to deep analysis and commentary, these podcasts work to demystify the realm of female sport.

So if there’s a class of sport you’ve been pondering on – whether it is boxing, golf or something more extreme – dig in and be inspired to take that first step by adding these shows to your sports podcast collection.

The Women Who Fight podcast

Hosts Shanti Gorton and Marina Mavrou explore the lives of female fighters around the world. Guests range from a 76-year old judoka to a retired boxer teaching her craft to girls in Iraq. Some ‘fight’ for the pure joy and some to spread the take-up of combat sports in the unlikeliest of places. Each story is unique, with the hosts chipping away at the why behind the ‘fight’’. To cap off each episode, guests are asked, “What are you fighting for?”. With plenty to choose from and leading with curiosity and boldness, this podcast packs more than a punch. Listen now >>


Bike enthusiast, Aoife Glass, brings female cycling to the fore. Interviews include pro-riders to industry experts, and it is the stories and landscapes that take centre-stage. Aoife’s passion and knowledge shine throughout. Topics range from riding perimenopause to those competing at an elite level. With the triumphant return of the Tour de Femmes in 2022, there is a growing appetite for women’s cycling. Catch the episode with Vendangi Kulkarni, on becoming the youngest woman to cycle the world at age 20. There’s a real desire to demystify cycling and encourage women to give it a go! Listen now >>

The Netball Show

This podcast follows the domestic and international netball calendar. Bite-sized commentary, interviews and analysis unpick players’ abilities along with their selection journey. Recent coverage follows the World Cup in Cape Town, with the Roses conceding to Australia in the finals, as well as exciting talk on the next generation of Roses. With over 800 episodes to choose from, you can pick up where you want, or like me, follow the recent Roses’ climb to the finals. Netball has picked up pace over the last few years, with crowds getting bigger and tickets selling out faster. Listen now >>

Women’s Rugby Pod

Broadcaster Johnnie Hammond and England player Rachael Burford (“Burf”) present the first global women’s rugby podcast. News, interviews, and coverage are delivered as they happen across the world. Johnnie’s interview with Jodie Ounsley – the first deaf woman to represent England – is nothing short of inspiring. With the game evolving, there are discussions on bigger crowds and sponsors – hello TikTok! For those wanting regular commentary on the game and those more interested in the storytelling, this podcast doesn’t disappoint. Johnnie’s empathy combined with his knowledge of the game are exceptional. Listen now >>

Why Golf: Opinion Matters

TV presenter Di Stewart interviews a guest each episode, offering thoughtful discussions and opinions. She effortlessly builds rapport with well-known figures, including Helen Skelton and Jamie Dornan – a highlight of the show. While topics like accessibility and the tradition of having a drink on the course may be unfamiliar to some (myself included), it adds an intriguing layer to the pod. What stands out is the removal of common misconceptions – like needing to be rich to play (more about being time-rich) – and interesting facts like golfers living 5 years longer. There’s one clear message here: golf is good for everyone. Listen now >>

Big Kick Energy

Comedians, Maisie Adam and Suzi Ruffell, pick up on the buzz around the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The combination of one being a football fan and the other a newbie to the sport, brings an element of inclusivity. Their Northern and Southern humour blends beautifully – Maise more self-deprecating and Suzi more inclined to quips. Answering listener questions while building momentum as the Lionesses progressed make this a must listen. Excitingly, they have just announced they’ll be back with commentary on the domestic game. You won’t be short on laughs or chants! (‘Mary, Earps, Earps, Earps’). A gem. Listen now >>

Zainab AmerZainab relishes anything to do with storytelling, whether in the form of podcasts, articles, or books (“anything to do with people and stories, I’m in”). Although born and raised in London, Manchester has been home for the last six years. With over a decade’s experience in the NGO sector, her passion for social justice still remains strong. She now devotes more time to her great loves: writing, travelling, and trying every food she can. Find out more about Zainab >>

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