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HAVE YOU HEARD? // Master the Mind, Master Anything


HAVE YOU HEARD? // Master the Mind, Master Anything

Have You Heard? is a series in which the team from Pod Bible meet the people behind the podcasts you may not have heard of yet. While the Oh. My. Pod. section in the magazine gives a quick shout out to shows of that ilk, Have You Heard aims to go deeper in an effort to spread awareness for shows that deserve more exposure! In this week’s edition we sat down with Dave Cottrell to discuss the podcast, Master the Mind, Master Anything.

POD BIBLE: Who are you, what is your podcast called, and what’s it about?
DAVE COTTRELL: My name is Dave Cottrell, I am a mindset & mental health coach who got into this line of work as a result of living with Type 2 Bipolar disorder my whole life. The podcast is called Master The Mind, Master Anything and it is about 3 things: helping people to better understand and work with their mindset and mental health, highlighting other people who are doing great work in this area, and sharing stories, both personally and through guests of lived experiences with mental health.

PB: Why did you decide to start podcasting in the first place?
DC: The podcast was originally setup as a 4 part personal development podcast called Your Progress is Our Passion. There, I would focus on training, nutrition, mindset and community, what I consider to be the four pillars of health. Within about 6 months I decided to refine it down to the mindset and mental health aspects, as I believed the training and nutrition sides were being handled better by other shows.

PB: What’s the first podcast you ever listened to?
DC: Ben Coomber Radio

PB: Which podcasts do you take inspiration from?
DC: Ben Coomber, Richard Nicholls, Gary Vee, Joe Rogan

PB: Who’s your dream guest for the podcast?
DC: Probably Derren Brown, his shows were what first got me intrigued in how the mind works.

PB: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far as a podcaster?
DC: Don’t use video at the cost of good audio!

PB: Which episode would you say is the perfect introduction to your podcast?
DC: Ep 99. Dave Talks About Deliberately Pushing Your Comfort Zone

PB: Where can the Pod Bible readers find out more about you?
DC: Mindset By Dave on most social medias including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch or at


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