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HAVE YOU HEARD? // Revisiting


HAVE YOU HEARD? // Revisiting

Have You Heard? is a series in which the team from Pod Bible meet the people behind the podcasts you may not have heard of yet. While the Oh. My. Pod. section in the magazine gives a quick shout out to shows of that ilk, Have You Heard aims to go deeper in an effort to spread awareness for shows that deserve more exposure! In this sixth edition we sat down with Laura K and Laura G of Revisiting (formerly Berkhamsted Revisited) for a chat!

Who are you and what’s your podcast about?

We are Laura and Laura (or LK and LG) and our podcast, Revisting, is a teenage diary/nostalgia podcast reminiscing about the cringe things we did age 13 – from first snogs, to MSN screen names ×÷·.·´¯`·)» (BeHiNd ThEsE hAzEl EyEs) «(·´¯`·.·÷×

What was the first podcast you ever listened to?

LG – For me it was Mark Steel’s in Town, Ottery St Mary from Radio 4. Sorry that’s so rubbish, I have an innate need not to lie to this quiz. It was about 8 years ago, before I knew what a podcast was. I just needed something light but boring enough to fall asleep to when I stayed at my boyfriend’s house. Sorry again.

LK – The Football Ramble, of course! I was introduced to it, and podcasts in general, by a friend who I worked with, and I’ve never looked back.

Why did you decide to start podcasting in the first place?

LG – I decided I wanted to work in radio and started ringing round a load of production companies. The only person who said yes made podcasts! I’m just happy they’re cool now.

LK – I tweeted that I wanted to make a podcast out of my teenage diaries and it was seen by Luke Moore of The Football Ramble who saw it and messaged me. I had meant it as a joke, and absolutely did not intend to follow through with it, but I thought there was nothing to lose and went along to meet Laura and the Stakhanov gang – the rest is history.

Which podcasts do you take inspiration from?

LG: I admire those who investigate a subject over a long period of time and then present the public with a beautifully mixed investigative piece of journalism à la The Missing Cryptoqueen and The Butterfly Effect. But I also admire those who churn out content week in, week out – The Receipts are smashing it.

LK: Anything that keeps me coming back every week – The Receipts Podcast, Beyond Today. I’m a bit of a true crime nut as well so anything by Wondery usually floats my boat.

Who’s your dream guest for the podcast?

LG: I think Laura might like Freddie Flintoff…

LK: Freddie Flintoff please, I beg.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far as a podcaster?

LG: Say everything, you can always cut it out. Also, cut everything.

LK: Don’t overthink what you’re saying – the beauty of podcasts is that they sound like a natural conversation so a sprinkling of ‘um’ and ‘er’ is absolutely fine. I should probably cut down on saying ‘kind of’ though…

Which episode would you say is the perfect introduction to your podcast?

Start at the beginning like any diligent listener should!

Where can the Pod Bible readers find out more about you?

LK: Twitter. I’m addicted to it! On any given day I’ll be ranting about Arsenal or simply getting involved in the nonsense that goes on there.
LG: my Instagram handle is @galloplikethehorse and people seem to like it. So find me there. We’re also both on @RevisitingPod.

Listen to Revisiting on your favourite podcast platform, with new episodes every Monday.   

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