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Top 5 episodes – The Divorce Club


Top 5 episodes – The Divorce Club

Spotted a podcast you want to try from a Pod Bible recommendation, but not sure how to dive in? We asked Samantha Baines of The Divorce Club to share five podcast episodes and why they’re important to check out for new listeners.  

The Divorce Club was set up by comedian Samantha Baines who got divorced and then wanted to have a chat about it. It turns out that other people want to chat about it, too, with the podcast hitting no.1 in relationship podcasts on the iTunes charts. Samantha joins a roster of ‘interesting people’ to change the conversation around divorce which is still weirdly taboo as a subject. The Divorce Club is hilarious, honest and real and explores feelings of shame, loneliness and guilt as well as freedom, inspiration and orgasms. Yes, we think orgasms are a feeling. With over 40K downloads in its first four months, this podcast has been one of the hits of lockdown and well worth checking out.

Sarah Millican Our first episode with the brilliant divorce guru that is Sarah Millican has to be on this list. This episode is fun, funny and offers some real practical advice, too, like changing your ex’s name in your phone to “fart orange”, so that every time they message you, you get a giggle. Sarah reveals that it was her divorce that made her give stand up comedy a go, so aren’t we glad she got divorced! Now happily remarried, Sarah gives a great insight and perspective on the real divorce experience and all its weird and wonderful moments.

Annie Kashamura One of our more serious and powerful episodes, this conversation tells the story of extreme domestic violence. An activist and Gender Equality Specialist in Canada, Annie describes her incredible and heart wrenching divorce journey – starting in the Congo where she wasn’t allowed to board a flight without her husband’s permission, to police intervention in South Africa and eventual divorce and asylum in Canada for her and her five children. It’s an incredible and inspirational story of strength and a must listen.

Helen Lederer The comedian and Ab Fab actress had us giggling the whole way through this episode, especially with her comparison between marriage and getting a lip tattoo! Ex-social worker Helen gives our host Samantha Baines a bit of counselling and the two discuss the quest for a boyfriend with Helen giving us an insight into some of her methods. As Helen has “been around the block a few times”, her words, there is a lot to cover in this fun and touching chat.

Rich Wilson Yep, we have men on, too; all are welcome! Comedian and host of the Insane in the Men-brain podcast, Rich is brutally honest in this divorce chat. The talk turns to moving in with your son post-divorce, blaming yourself and working hard to be a better person. Our favourite moment is when Rich remembers his joy during a trip to Ikea when he was able to buy his own spoons! The episode touches on gender roles within a marriage as well as couples counselling and even assault charges, yes that’s quite the range so it is well worth a listen.

Shappi Khorsandi An episode jam-packed full of hilarious anecdotes and incredible stories from this successful author and comedian, like dating a rock-star and finding out he was living a double life and then having a ten hour phone call with the other girlfriend. Samantha and Shappi discuss pets eating things and the joy of dealing with that as a singleton, work-life balance during times of trauma and crying backstage at the Jonathan Ross Show. An incredibly honest episode from such a warm comedian and divorcee.

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1 Comment

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