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Imriel Morgan from Content is Queen talks micro-grants for podcasters

Micro grant for podcasters


Imriel Morgan from Content is Queen talks micro-grants for podcasters

The podcast studio Content is Queen has launched Micro-grants for Podcasters. Grantees will be awarded either £250, £500, or £1000 for their podcast project. In addition to the monetary contribution, Content is Queen is also offering up to 6 hours of production support to winners. 

We asked our columnist and Content is Queen Founder, Imriel Morgan, to tell us more.

Micro grant for podcasters

Hi Imriel! Pod Bible readers will know you from your Overheard in the Studio series, but can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Content is Queen?

Sure, I’m Imriel Morgan, a podcast marketing expert, and the Founder of Content is Queen, a podcast agency that supports ambitious podcasters reach their goals through production, studios and promotions. Our goal is to help creators of all backgrounds share their humanity and grow their value in the world using audio.

The micro-grant scheme seems like a great way of opening up access to resources for new podcasters. How did you realise it was needed?

I’ve worked with many podcasters over the years, and I’ve heard tons of pitches, and I’ve been involved and even facilitated programmes to support podcasters get their foot in the door. However, while all of that work has been great and well-received, nothing beats cold, hard, cash in your pocket, a training workshop, a webinar or programme will help you gain skills and knowledge, but cash is what makes the podcast materialise.

I wanted to give out micro-grants because I believe that lots of people have great ideas that they’re burning to make but just can’t afford to do it in the way they’d like. This is ultimately about trusting creatives to do creative work in a way that makes the most sense to them. The pitches so far are a reflection of that. I was lucky that last year, the Audible team had heard about my work (on building affordable studios) and asked if I needed any support and I knew micro-grants would be vital to fulfilling our mission.

Thinking back to when you first started your podcast, what would you have used this grant for if you had that opportunity?

That was so long ago, but I’m fairly consistent with what I spend money on. I’ll invest in professional artwork, studio time, and editing. If I had any money left, it would go on social media advertising. Six years into being a podcaster and I haven’t changed where my money goes.

Content is Queen is also offering up to 6 hours of production support to grantees. Are there any areas where you often see knowledge gaps or where the industry is failing to provide support for entry level?

It’s a great question. The additional support we’re offering is to be that trusted voice and mentor on this journey for podcasters. It’ll be a knowledge or skill support for others, or it might mean getting access to the studio for a day. We’re keen to flex and adapt based on what people need.

Everything you want to know about podcasting is available on Google and Youtube. So I don’t think a lack of information is the problem. I believe many podcasters know what kit they’d like to try or what software they’ll spend time on. It’s the business of podcasting that seems to confuse folx. Part of our broader support effort is building trust and authority for these audiences in an easy-to-understand language that’s relevant and relatable.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

Yes! Apply if you’re new or an existing podcaster no idea is too small, silly, or weird. You’ve got to be in it to win it as they say. Apply now at applications close at 23:59 GMT 21st February 2021.

Imriel Morgan is Founder and CEO of Podcast Agency Content is Queen. Imriel is a Marketing Maven and cultural innovator in the podcasting industry. Her mission is to make podcasts inclusive, affordable and accessible. Read Imriel’s column, Overheard in the Studio and listen to Imriel’s podcast, Wanna Be, on Acast, Spotify and your favourite podcast app.

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