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Jackie The Ripper: The chart-topping comedy podcast returns


Jackie The Ripper: The chart-topping comedy podcast returns

The gory comedy drama that topped the podcast charts last Halloween returned for a second five-part series in March.

Everyone knows the story of Jack the Ripper, the infamous serial killer who haunted the streets of 19th century London. 134 years later, there’s a new killer in town. In this modern reimagining, men are the victims of dark, sexually aggressive murders committed by a woman: the mysterious, remorseless Jackie.

Season 1 of Jackie the Ripper was released last October and, inevitably, it ended in chaos for hapless lead detective Frederick Abberline as Jackie escaped his grasp.

Within five episodes, the show hit #1 in Apple’s fiction charts and a few months later was optioned for a TV adaptation with Goldfinch. Now, an extremely paranoid, slightly clueless, and definitely over-caffeinated Abberline must conduct his woman-hunt all over again as the culture war around the case intensifies, his career crumbles around him, and that very annoying paperwork on his desk just keeps piling up.

“The second season of Jackie the Ripper brings Detective Abberline face to face with Jackie as she commits her most gruesome murder yet,” says writer Joel Emery, who is also one of the creators of the hit comedy The Offensive.

Razor-sharp humour lives hand-in-hand with a timely, wry commentary on gender politics and the culture within the Met police, with a chilling conspiracy to match. But there’s so much more to the show than just a thrilling script. “Jackie the Ripper features a brilliant, diverse cast of voice actors who all record remotely from literally all over the world,” says Joel. “Together they make a group of characters that sound and behave like modern Londoners.”

London might be brought to life, but there’s only one way Jackie’s victims are going. Jackie’s back and she’s ready for more…

Jackie the ripper

Season one and two of Jackie the Ripper are out now, listen via ACAST, Spotify or Apple Podcast.

This article from Stak first appeared in Issue #020 of the Pod Bible Magazine.

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