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Joe Lycett’s top podcast guest appearances

Joe Lycett podcast


Joe Lycett’s top podcast guest appearances

Celebrating podcasters is a common occurrence, but in this modern world being a solid, grade-A guest is something that needs celebrating. Our Podcast Prophet for issue #008 of the magazine was top comedian Joe Lycett…

Do you really Lycett? Is it, is it wicked? Well of course it is. Joe Lycett is a stand up comedian, tv show host, panel show regular and author so of course he is going to be a master when it comes to providing engaging and hilarious variation as a podcast guest!

Joe is effortlessly amusing on any subject imaginable and has a seemingly bottomless grab bag of anecdotes to draw from. We’re loving it, loving it, loving it.

E95 // Comedy, Sexuality and Hecklers // Sep 2017

Emma Gannon’s Ctrl, Alt, Delete discusses work and the lucky people who’ve shaped their careers based on the interests they have. Appearing as part of a prmo tour, this conversation couldn’t feel less ‘promotional’ as Joe speaks of how underwhelming it was to “go viral”, his unintentionally Bond villainesque life goal and so much more.

E168: Joe Lycett (Live at Machynlleth Comedy Festival) // May 2016

Stuart Goldsmith always does a brilliant job of disarming the comedians he has on his show but sometimes the live episodes are more about performance than introspection. Not in this case. Listen to hear Joe speak honestly about his path into comedy, being a stand up on television and the way in which his sexuality influences his act.

E143: Requesting a Hand Job // Dec 2019

A podcast episode that feels more like sitting in on a sleepover than an interview. Jamie and Francis hit it off instantly with Joe as he regales them with tales of the dull reality of sobriety for responsibilities sake the difference between stage Joe and Tesco Joe and the best way to sign off an email. Oh… and they also cover handjobs, hotels and dogs. So that’s nice.

E41: Joe Lycett (Christmas Special) // Dec 2019

Is there anything better than a guest on Off Menu (the show where celebrities pick thier dream meal) picking a dessert that provokes the ire of co-host James Acaster? We think not. Released as a special Christmas episdoe, you’ll be wanted to reive many of its hilarious moments all year round. Bowl of Special K anyone?

We hope you enjoy these Joe Lycette podcasts! Read more top podcast guests appearances in our Podcast Prophet section, or in the Pod Bible magazine, which you can read online or buy in our shop.

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