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Kate Thornton: “Eavesdropping on the way people talk”

Kate Thornton podcast prophet


Kate Thornton: “Eavesdropping on the way people talk”

The Team at Pod Bible have been looking through the magazine back catalogue with more than a hint of nostalgia. With so many issues worth of great guest articles and interviews, we thought it was time to make our archive as accessible as possible and share them here on the website. In Issue #005 of Pod Bible Magazine, we asked Kate Thornton from White Wine Question Time five questions about podcasts and her love of podcasting…

Kate Thornton

PB: Why do you love podcasts?

KT: In an age of 140 characters and ever shorter content creation I love the fact that podcasts celebrate the art of long form, uninterrupted conversation. With voice notes, texts and WhatsApp leading the way we tend to communicate these days, we’re in danger of losing the ability to talk and podcasts fly in the face of that, so long may they live and long may we continue to love eavesdropping on the way people talk.

What was the first podcast you ever listened to?

Probably Desert Island Discs, but I did that on i-player so I’m not sure that counts. Which would make Unfiltered with James O’Brien my first podcast obsession. He recorded 50 brilliant long-form interviews for with a smorgasbord of interesting, intelligent but inherently different subjects and I was devastated when he called it a day. Thankfully he’s up and running again with Full Disclosure which is just as good. He’s a brilliant interviewer, a broadcaster who never quite gets the props he deserves in my humble opinion.

Which podcaster makes you laugh the most?

Russell Kane on Boys Don’t Cry. Why this man doesn’t have his own show in a great slot on TV is beyond me – he’s laugh your arse off funny!

Which podcast has educated you the most?

Ted Talks Ted Radio Hour, it’s a mash up of great Ted Talks, which they revisit across a theme with updated interviews and you come away knowing all kinds of wonderful things you didn’t realise you wanted to know.

Can you recommend a podcast our readers may not have heard of?

That’s the question I ask all my friends! For me, I love How To Fail with Elizabeth Day, Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon, Boys Don’t Cry and Annie Mac’s podcast, which is a truly lovely listen.

White Wine Question Time podcast art

White Wine Question Time, with Kate Thornton, is the podcast that brings together three well-known friends, three bottles of wine and three thought provoking questions. Discover the friendships behind the entertainment headlines, and listen in on their conversations for a side to the celebrities you’ve never heard before. Listen to Kate Thornton’s podcast now on Acast, Spotify or all other platforms.

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