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LOWER STREET RECOMMENDS: 5 Podcasts for understanding tech in our everyday


LOWER STREET RECOMMENDS: 5 Podcasts for understanding tech in our everyday

Claire Gould, the Podcast Audience Development Specialist at Lower Street, takes a look at some podcasts that can help make sense of the everyday tech revolution…

Technology has recently been dominating the headlines. Elon Musk mentioned, “I think we really are on the edge of probably the biggest technology revolution that has ever existed,” – a bold statement, but fair.

From travel to medical, cyber security to everyday activities, the technological landscape is wonderful and terrifying in equal measure, and also vast. We’re careering headfirst into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which for many is a recipe for tech confusion.

Without a doubt, technology has improved our lives. However, with the quick development of tools like ChatGPT, worries about cyber security, bots, unchecked misinformation, and data security breaches, it raises important questions about what role technology plays—or will play—in our lives.

Terrifying? Yes. Should we panic? Probably not, because there is help at hand.

Podcasts offer a Smörgåsbord of up-to-date information that could keep us all ahead of the technological curve. However, much like the above mentioned technical landscape, the tech podcast category is vast and forever growing. So, in order to help you better understand this wild, wild west, here are five very different, but valuable technology podcasts.

GenAI on GenAI
E1 – ‘Introduction: Meet GENE’

Business leaders are in a bit of a quandary, how do you incorporate GenAI? Generative AI is slated to be the most significant change to business. So, what if there was a GenAI podcast co-host who was ready, willing and beyond able to help advise us all on the impact of GenAI is having on business and the workforce?

GenAI on GenAi is a four part series created by the highly knowledgeable team at BCG (Boston Consulting Group). Led by Paul Michelman, BCG’s editor-in-chief, cohost GENE, the world’s first business AI podcaster, GenAI on GenAI  helps leaders to understand the state of AI in business today; how it’ll reshape industries in the future; and how companies can use AI responsibly.

As far as synthetic entities go, GENE is intelligent, considerate, and wittier than people like me could ever hope to be. A tech podcast must-listen for all who are trying to future-proof themselves and their businesses. Listen now >>

Tech Matters
‘Defending Indigenous Rights with Data, with Emily Jacobi of Digital Democracy’

With Who Trolled Amber released last month, the Tech Matters podcast couldn’t be more timely! The emergence of generative AI, bots, and deepfakes has distorted online information, with some instances even influencing election results and trial outcomes. The digital landscape and our future is looking pretty bleak.

But there are those who are trying to rewrite the narrative by using their skills to build a better world and drive positive social change. Tech Matters is a series on how we can use tech for good. Tech Matters is hosted by the charismatic Jim Fruchterman, CEO of Tech Matters and Tech for Good entrepreneur.

Technology is a formidable force that we often take for granted. However, we must not forget that its immense power can sometimes result in unpredictable outcomes. Tech Matters explores how Digital Democracy is empowering marginalized communities, taking down corruption, and using data for good. Listen now >>

Whiskey, Web and Whatnot: Web Development, Neat
‘Hot Takes, Web Technologies and Learning to Code with Ken Wheeler.’

Casual chats, great guests and belly laughs. Whiskey, Web and Whatnot is the refreshingly, oaky flavoured show that breaks through the industry jargon and humanizes the world of web development, all while sipping the best whiskey.

Hosted by veteran web developers RobbieTheWagner and Charles William Carpenter III, these guys interview top industry professionals, diving deep into their stories while gathering advice for aspiring web developers. Topics touch on everything from web development, JavaScript, TypeScript, EmberJS to React to Astro, SolidJS, CSS, HTML, Web3, and so much more.

Breaking away from the constant AI talks of other shows, their goal is to focus on the more human side of developers. So, grab a glass tumbler, your best bottle of whiskey, and kick back by the fireside with the WWW guys. Listen now >>

HPE’s Technology Untangled

Hewlett Packard may conjure up images of quality printers and scanners, but HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is all about edge-to-cloud, enterprise computer IT, data, and security solutions, and Tech Untangled is a tech must listen.

Technology Untangled simply asks, why isn’t talking about tech simple? Technology Untangled’s 30 minute episodes, guided by host Michael Bird, is ideal for keeping you on track through a series of interviews, stories, and analyses with some of the industry’s brightest brains. Listen now >>

LinkedIn’s Big Technology Podcast:

“Entertaining and Informative,” those two words don’t often go hand in hand when talking about the indepth world of tech. But, the Big Technology Podcast from LinkedIn is just that. Alex Kantrowitz, a Silicon Valley journalist, keeps these longform episodes moving at a great pace.

From Elon Musk suing OpenAi to Foursquare’s founder making the internet fun again, tech chat has never been so beguiling. No empty fluff, just smart commentary that offers honest and nuanced perspectives through interviews with quality guests.

The title says it all really – It’s big, it’s about tech, and it’s a podcast. What more can I say? It’s a strong fan favourite, and I’m sure you’ll love it too. Listen now >>

This article was provided by Lower Street.


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