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Max & Harvey // Tiktokkers to podcasters

Max and HArvey


Max & Harvey // Tiktokkers to podcasters

They are the UK’s biggest TikTok stars and X-Factor runners up, but twin brothers Max and Harvey can firmly add ‘podcasters’ to their CV. Those of you who read the ‘New podcasts to listen to in May‘ article already will have The Max & Harvey Podcast on your radar. It’s a relaxed, unfiltered, and chatty series to discuss everything that makes up the pair’s lives, and with a second season out now, we wanted to know a bit more about who are Max & Harvey and how are they finding podcasting?

Hey! Most folks will know you from TikTok but tell us about your show! What’s your elevator pitch??

Our podcast is full of energy, laughter, and celeb secrets and is perfect for all podcast listeners, we largely talk about all things social media based but we also chat with celebs about what’s going on in their lives right now. The audience also gets a much deeper insight into our lives than they will on any other platform, so it’s definitely worth the listen if you want to find out about our secrets!

How does it feel to be back for a second series?

It’s so great to be back for this second series, the first series was so great for us because we’d never done podcasting before so it was amazing for us to learn and develop ourselves in that area, the second series of the podcast is now what we always hoped it would be and we can’t wait for people to hear from all the guests we have lined up

Why did you decide to start podcasting in the first place?

We actually didn’t think anyone would particularly care about us talking at first, until Spotify approached us to host an Original podcast of theirs, and we took on the opportunity as we’ve always wanted to just be able to talk about things with no filter, and we really do!

Are there any episodes coming up you’re most excited about?

We’re excited for every episode as we never know what’s going to happen, all the guests we have are so exciting and so unpredictable in the best way.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far as a podcaster?

For me I’ve learnt how to actively think about how to keep conversation flowing, you can’t have a podcast without conversation, and I’ll always make sure there’s something to talk about.

What’s the most embarrassing moment in podcasting so far?

The most embarrassing moment would’ve definitely been when Max got rejected by our producer Helena on Valentine’s Day!

Finally, what are your current favourite podcasts?

We love JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast and think that they’re doing a really good job and would love to be on their level of podcasting at some point in our career.

Listen to The Max & Harvey Podcast now exclusively on SPOTIFY.

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