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No Nay Never: A true Claret community podcast

No Nay Never clarets podcast part of the talkSport network


No Nay Never: A true Claret community podcast

Last month we introduced the final podcasts that are part of the talkSPORT Fan Network. Today, we’re learning more from one of those podcasts – No Nay Never is an independent Burnley FC podcast. Made by fans, for fans.

We spoke to host Natalie Bromley to find out more about the podcast, being a voice for the fans and the benefits of joining the talkSPORT Fan Network…

Why did you decide to start No Nay Never?

No Nay Never was started back in 2009 when the Clarets were first promoted to the Premier League. It was a big deal to a small town, but a concern followed that media content would now be behind paywalls or expensive television subscriptions. We wanted to retain and promote the club’s relationship with the community and provide free access to blogs, match reports and articles for the fans. To this day, No Nay Never remains a community podcast that is free to its listeners. And always will be whilst I am at the helm!

Why did you join the talkSPORT Fan Network?

As important as it is to us to retain a free product for our community, we do also have to pay the bills. Running advertisements alongside the podcast is a fantastic way to generate revenue, whilst keeping the podcast free to listen to. People are now accustomed to having advertisements run on most major platforms in exchange for a free product, and so it didn’t feel too much of a leap to take that next step. When shopping around for a partner, two things struck me about talkSPORT. The first was the wide reach of listeners, with a strong opportunity for us to network with other content creators. The second was talkSPORT’s commitment to highlighting clubs outside of the powerful premier league teams – the network recognised that they needed to get better at providing content for a significant fanbase across the EFL who were being ignored by major broadcasters. That sold it for me. It was an easy yes after that.

What has been the best thing about being part of the Fan Network so far?

There is the obvious kudos with being able to say that you work alongside such a big brand with a national reach, and that has got us some listeners and respect in the industry. But perhaps the most important thing for us has been the opportunity to input on and influence the narrative that is put out about our club. We have been invited to speak on air about results and talking points, and give specific and relevant updates for the talkSPORT listeners. The network recognises that it cannot be an expert on all 92 clubs, and by giving the fans a platform and actually listening to them, we can ensure that the club is represented fairly and accurately. We bring the fan view, the network brings the objective view. It is a good balance in my opinion.

Natalie No Nay Never podcast

You’ve also written for the BBC Sport Fan Voice blog – how does it feel to be such a prominent voice speaking on Burnley’s game?

I do pinch myself quite a lot at the opportunities that are being offered to fan content creators now. We’ve come a long way since the early days, when not much content could be produced by fans, and their reach was quite small. Seeing the products that are being put out there by fans, and the opportunities creators are being given, is really exciting.

For me, there is the obvious pride in being asked to talk about a club I have been in love with since I was 9 years’ old, and one that has consumed my life so much. But the more important aspect is that broadcasters are recognising the quality input female fans can give and offering them equal chance to have their say. And whilst we should not need to work any harder than our male counterparts, I do feel a responsibility to ensure I get it right and leave the doors open for many more women to come after me. So I would say it is both stressful and rewarding, in equal measures!

Aside from your own podcast, what’s your favourite football podcast to listen to?

Obviously talkSPORT Daily! I love the Guardian’s Football Weekly – the format is so easy to listen to and it comes with a nice balance of analysis and humour. Plus they are great at covering the women’s game too, with a link to their own women’s podcast. And I have recently discovered Wrighty’s House, which offers great coverage of both genres. In terms of fan-led podcasts, both The Anfield Wrap and The Blue Room are excellent.

No Nay Never cover art

Listen to the No Nay Never podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast platform. To find out more search talkSPORT Fan Network. If you are a podcast creator and want to get involved with the Network then please contact James Rowe at talkSPORT.

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