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Overheard In The Studio // #002


Overheard In The Studio // #002

Here is your second instalment of Overheard in the Studio, a series that pulls out the fabulous, entertaining, and peculiar things we overhear while in the Content is Queen podcast studio. Lockdown 2.0 meant we had to close our Peckham studio, giving us one less place to earwig. Fortunately, we’ve had our Somerset House studio up and running. With that, we’ve been listening to more podcasts and audiobooks than ever, and we’ve struck gold. So we’re back to share some of the treasures we’ve found.

“Celery is really good for bone-breaking”- Ruth, Wrap Party with Prime Video

Wrap Party with Prime Video

This edible bit of gore comes from the Wrap Party, where hosts Rhianna Dhillon and Michael Leader interview the incredible foley artist, Ruth Sullivan. The series interviews those who have a crucial role in creating the magic that brings a film to life but is otherwise unrecognised in the grand scheme of things. In this episode, they ask Ruth how she would sound a murder scene, which comes with a surprising response! She stabs watermelons and cabbages, plays with oranges to provide that fleshy sound, and uses celery to replicate the snapping of bones, all to recreate the horrific sounds that we see on screen.

Catch up on the Wrap Party where you can get a glimpse of how cinematic masterpieces come together.

“I could care less about the Kardashians. Mary Robinson is my favourite influencer. ”- Pooja, Mothers of Invention

MOthers of Invention Podcast cover art

Climate Justice podcast Mothers of Invention got a facelift for their unforgettable season finale. Youth climate activists Xiye Bastida and Pooja Reddy took over from regular hosts Mary Robinson, Maeve Higgins and Thimali Kodikara. The women were joined by fellow activists Jamie Margolin and Brianna Fruean as they discussed their hopes, dreams and fears about climate change ahead of the US election. 

Listen to Mothers of Invention, Season 3, Episode 7 ‘We May Be Small But Our Impact Is Huge’.

“I seem to be going down a bit of rabbit hole of reading about really horrific people.”- Gabe, You Heard it Here First

You Heard It Here First podcast art

Audible editor Gabe Flemming joins the Audible review podcast You Heard it Here First, to recommend a book he’s been loving. This chestnut was how he opened his review of Men Who Hate Women by Laura Bates. The book is all about incels (aka involuntary celibates), men’s rights activists, pick up artists, Mike Pence and other dastardly men who for some reason hate women. Thankfully the rest of the episode has just a smidge more lightness to it.

Listen to Series 2, Episode 6, ‘The Spectacle of Life and Death’ on You Heard It Here First.

“She seemed pleased that she caught an STI as it proved that she was sexually active” – June Jennings

The Doc Exchange host, June Jennings spoke to the directors behind the award-winning docufilm Crip Camp, Nicole Newnham and Jim Lebrecht. Host June is referring to a woman called Denise, who features in the film and lives with Cerebral Palsy.  It sums up the rebellious and joyous spirit that carries on throughout the film as well as exploring severe injustices. Nicole and Jim share that tropes around disability are usually very tragic and never equate to things like sex and eroticism. With this in mind, Nicole and Jim wanted to represent these characters as living life to the fullest, despite the boundaries society’s placed on them.

Listen to Episode 2 of The Doc Exchange to find out Nicole and Jim’s top documentary picks.


Imriel Morgan is Founder and CEO of Podcast Agency Content is Queen. Imriel is a Marketing Maven and cultural innovator in the podcasting industry. Imriel’s mission to make podcasts inclusive, affordable and accessible.

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