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Overheard In The Studio // #001


Overheard In The Studio // #001

Welcome to the very first Overheard in the Studio, a series that pulls out the weird, wonderful and entertaining things we hear in our London studio.  I’m sure you’re thinking  ‘why should I care?’ and my answer is simple: we are the home of some amazing podcasters and storytellers. Having said that, in our short time being open we have heard it all. It’s been weird, hilarious and intriguing. Like the time our podcast studio was used to record a gospel acapella song against our advice. After a few dodgy bars, we heard the singer shout ‘See! This is why I need my tambourine!’ directed at nobody in particular. So let’s kick things off with the familiar.


“A fanny a day keeps the AIDs away”
– Tash, The Log Books

This homophobic advertising slogan was overheard in a soon to be released episode of the new series of The Log Books. The trio behind the podcast will be picking up where they left off in 1983 all the way through to 1991, when the country was gripped by a major health crisis. Calls to LGBT charity Switchboard were at their peak based on the increasing number of entries in the log books from this time. 

Catch up on your Queer History with The Log Books


“Therapy is not going to make me happy…”
– Shay, All In Due Time

This heartbreaking and poignant statement comes from the All in Due Time podcast, which regularly see’s the two hosts both in their very early twenties battle with their mental health. Tears were shed in this episode as they talk about their struggles to access therapy and how unaffordable it can be for young people. In addition to that they recognise that therapy is not a cure-all for their problems. It’s worth listening to if you’re experiencing mental health issues alone and want to find helpful coping strategies while you sit on a therapy waiting list. 

Catch up on All in Due Time Season 2


“Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people”
– Magid Magid

In response to a stickler for rules and tradition, Magid Magid with his groundbreaking victory to becoming Lord Mayor, openly admitted to defying the rules and expectations that defined the careers of those that came before him. I caught up with Magid Magid for Wanna Be’s Black History Month special. If you don’t know, Magid Magid is the former Lord Mayor of Sheffield and MEP for Yorkshire and Humber. As the youngest ever elected Mayor of Somali descent he has defied the odds to excel in his career.

Listen to episode 111 As If By Magic of Wanna Be with Magid Magid 


“Who isn’t getting to reproduce?”
– Kathryn Medien

Surviving Society hosts Chantelle and Tissot welcomed Academic Kathryn Medien onto their podcast to talk about Internal Border Control. The conversation is fascinating as you hear how Kathryn went down a research rabbit hole of migrant maternity healthcare. Given the climate, this episode is a timely and necessary listen for anyone that wants to stay on top of conversations around migration, the NHS and healthcare inequality.

Listen to 103 Internal Border Controls & NHS Charges of Surviving Society with Kathryn Medien


Imriel Morgan is Founder and CEO of Podcast Agency Content is Queen. Imriel is a Marketing Maven and cultural innovator in the podcasting industry. Imriel’s mission to make podcasts inclusive, affordable and accessible.

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