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Overheard in the Studio // Sustainability, homeware brands, sport talk and belonging

Overheard in the podcast studio


Overheard in the Studio // Sustainability, homeware brands, sport talk and belonging

Welcome back to Overheard in the Studio, the series that pulls out the wacky, wild and wonderful things that we have listened to while at the Content is Queen podcast studio. Over the past few months the studio has been buzzing with interviews and talking head conversations, so here are some of the goodies we have overheard and think that you would love to go away and listen to.

“In a society where everything has become so disposable and waste is one of the biggest problems affecting our society, we wanted to go back to a time where what you owned was treasured.”

– Charlotte Williams Sustainably Influenced

The Sustainably Influenced podcast was created by influencers Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams to help guide people through the minefield of sustainability. Season 6 is now in the works and this season is all about the makers. Bianca and Charlotte will be speaking to artisans and businesses who are using traditional craftsmanship or practices. Our hosts believe sustainability was often naturally woven into the craft in pre-modern times. In their first episode the duo dive into the world of upholstery, proving that the traditional way of upholstering is more eco friendly as modern day techniques are replacing foam with Coconut fibres. Join Bianca and Charlotte as they discover the modern businesses taking us back to a simpler time.

Catch season 6 of Sustainably Influenced now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and most podcasting platforms.

“We know we’re not perfect, but we consider sustainability in every decision we make”

-Flumi, The UncerTwenties

The UncerTwenties Podcast is a podcast for twenty somethings who don’t quite have their sh*t together. Each week, host Karis chats to a different guest about the trials and tribulations of the messy decade that is your twenties – laughing at the things that have gone wrong and celebrating the things that go right! Ultimately, this podcast proves that no-one truly has it all together and that’s ok. In one of the most recent episodes, Karis’s guest began making candles as a lockdown hobby. Little did they know that after a few short weeks they’d find themselves being inspired to turn that hobby into a fully developed business. Enter: Flumi – an earth-conscious homeware brand; creating products that are good for the home, mind and planet. So it was that this small idea very quickly turned into a thriving business. With over 15k followers on Instagram, Flumi has been featured in Glamour, Popsugar, Stylist and HEAT magazine, they’ve hired 2 additional team members and just celebrated their first birthday.

They might be too modest to acknowledge this achievement but their success comes as no surprise to the rest of us.

Check out the Uncertwenties podcast on popular podcast apps, where you can find a new episode released every Monday.

“Sport can unlock potential but also there are barriers on how we get people into sport.”

– Born Barikor, Talking Sport and Tech

The Talking Sport and Tech Podcast gives you a glimpse into the lives of inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs from the sport and physical activity sector. In episode three, hosts Milly Pelmore and Alex Zurita speak to the successful entrepreneur and founder of Our Parks Born Barikor. Born is a former athlete from a council estate in Tower Hamlets, who after finding himself with not enough money to join a gym but wanting to keep fit, came up with the idea of an accessible pathway to exercise for people from lower income homes by working with councils and development agencies to offer the public free outdoor exercise classes.

In this episode, Alex and Milly chat to Born about his journey as a founder, the determination to break down barriers to exercise and physical activity, the true meaning of a ‘community’, his advice to other founders in the sector, and his vision of getting 1,000,000 ‘Parkers’ fit by 2025.

Listen to Episode three of The Talking Sport and Tech Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts.

“If you’ve had intercultural experiences and understand your own intersectionality, you actually have a wider approach to everything else because you know it’s possible.”

– Valerie Watson-Vega, Xeno

Xeno is a podcast and community exploring home, identity and belonging. Each month, host Isabella Mcdonnell holds a space for conversations on what it means to be culturally complex in a world that challenges those who are perceived as being different or “other”.

In Xeno’s latest episode, Isabella interviews Valerie Watson-Vega who is an educational psychologist and learning designer focused on intercultural education, decolonising knowledge, human rights and inclusive design. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Valerie has been living in London since 2015. In this episode, Valerie discusses the changing sense of “otherness” one feels depending on one’s environment (touching on themes of intersectionality), the idea of what she calls her “urban Peruvian” identity, the after-effects of colonialism and neoliberalism in Peru, the wisdom of indigenous traditions and how we might re-educate ourselves to facilitate our social and cultural liberation.

Listen to Xeno now, where you can check out some more inspiring interviews and listen to intimate, complex stories that you may relate to.

Imriel Morgan is the Founder and CEO of the podcast club and agency Content is Queen. She is a Marketing Maven and cultural innovator in the podcasting industry. Imriel’s mission is to make podcasts inclusive, affordable and accessible.

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