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Scroobius Pip founded Pod Bible magazine alongside Stu Whiffen and Adam Richardson back in February of 2019 but is best known as a podcaster, actor, rapper and label boss. His podcast Distraction Pieces began in 2014 and continues to deliver fascinating conversations week in, week out. Pip runs the company with Stu and Adam and also writes for the magazine. Twitter / Instagram

Stu Whiffen is a Pod Bible co-founder, Editor of Pod Bible Magazine and also looks after all sales & marketing activity. If you’d like to discuss advertising or partnership opportunities then Stu’s your guy! Stu also hosts music podcast Off The Beat & Track and co-hosts Hardcore Listing with Chris Glasson. Twitter / Instagram

Adam Richardson is a Pod Bible co-founder, Editor of Pod Bible Magazine, host of the Pod Bible Podcast and is also responsible for the design and layout of the magazine as well as all branding across each of our channels. Adam is also the co-host of First Time For Everything and the host of wrestling podcast Hardest Part of the Ring. Twitter / Instagram

Francesca Turauskis

Francesca Turauskis is Pod Bible’s Digital Editor as well as a freelance podcaster and writer based in London. She produces and hosts Seize Your Adventure, an outdoor recreation/epilepsy podcast. Francesca has guested on shows including Tough Girl, Out There and Why In The World?, and edits The Everyday Adventure Podcast. Her writing can be found in places such as Like The Wind, Intrepid, Sporting Heads and Oh. Twitter / Instagram

Joe Ducarreaux helps out with our social media on a part time basis and has also been known to lug heavy sacks of magazines around London on magazine release day!

In addition to the core team, Pod Bible also take on on semi-regular freelance writers to produce content for the website and occasionally the magazine. Read their work by clicking on their image below.

If you have a love for podcasts and are interested in writing for the website then please feel free to email with examples of your work. No previous writing employment necessary.

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