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Code WACK!: Shining a light on America’s callous healthcare system

Code WACK podcast


Code WACK!: Shining a light on America’s callous healthcare system

Have You Heard? is where the Pod Bible team meet the people behind the podcasts you may not have heard of yet. While the Oh. My. Pod. section in the magazine gives a quick shout out to shows of that ilk, Have You Heard? aims to go deeper in an effort to spread awareness for shows that deserve more exposure! We recently caught up with Brenda and Georgia from the current affairs podcast Code WACK!

Who are you and what’s your podcast about?

We’re Brenda Gazzar and Georgia Brewer, co-producers of Code WACK!, a podcast on America’s callous healthcare system and what we can do about it.

What was the first podcast you ever listened to?

Serial (Brenda loves good investigative journalism)

NurseTalk (Georgia loves to hear sassy nurses talking health policy)

Why did you decide to start podcasting in the first place?

Podcasting is an intimate way of sharing people’s powerful stories, eliciting emotion and inspiring change. We wanted to explore a new way to inform and engage people to fight for a healthcare system that works for everyone.

Which podcasts do you take inspiration from?

Compelling NPR-style interviews focused on real-life injustices that demonstrate our vulnerability and humanity.

Who’s your dream guest for the podcast?

Brenda: Actor Kiefer Sutherland because Brenda is a fan and his grandfather was Tommy Douglas, a politician who was the father of Canada’s single-payer healthcare system.

Georgia: The late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., because he understood structural injustice in every form.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far as a podcaster?

You’re only as good as your last podcast episode!

Which episode would you say is the perfect introduction to your podcast?

Brenda: A Shocking Sacrifice featuring Rebecca Wood

Georgia: Cruel & Stupid featuring Ron Birnbaum MD, Paul Y. Song MD and James G. Kahn MD/MPH

Where can the Pod Bible readers find out more about you?

Check us both out on LinkedIn: Brenda Gazzar and Georgia Brewer.

Code WACK!

Listen to Code WACK! now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast apps.

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