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Top podcast guest appearances – Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker


Top podcast guest appearances – Charlie Brooker

The Team at Pod Bible have been looking through the magazine back catalogue with more than a hint of nostalgia. With so many great guest articles and interviews, we thought it was time to make our archive as accessible as possible by sharing them here on the website.

Celebrating podcasters is a common occurrence, but in this modern world, being a solid, grade-A guest is something that needs celebrating. Our Podcast Prophet for issue #010 of the magazine was film fiend and creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker.

Sardonic, cynical, and world-weary. Not our words but those used by Desert Island Discs in the blurb for their episode with our latest Podcast Prophet Charlie Brooker. Sounds like a great guest right? Well while that description of his on-screen persona may be accurate, there’s a whole lot more to Charlie. “I think when people meet me in the flesh, often they’re surprised that I’m not like this deadpan, horrible, sarcastic monster that I play on television…”. But what about on podcasts? You’ll have to listen to the following episodes to find out…

This Game Changed My Life podcast art

Charlie Brooker: My Life in Video Games // Apr 2020
On This Game Changed My Life, Aoife Wilson and Julia Hardy discuss how gaming has changed their guest’s lives forever. After a brief disagreement about pinball machines they get into Charlie’s history with gaming, from Space Invaders and Asteroids all the way through to his work on the interactive Black Mirror episode ‘Bandersnatch’. Listen now on Acast >>

Switch Off podcast

Charlie Brooker // August 2019

Konnie Huq’s podcast tasks her guests with spending a week off social media. Whilst usually a trust governed exercise, this episode provided the opportunity for unique in-person policing due to Konnie & Charlie’s relationship as husband and wife! What followed was a fascinating conversation about Charlie’s love/hate relationship with social media. Listen now on Acast >>

Distraction Pieces cover art

#275// Charlie Brooker // Jun 2019
In recent years, Charlie has become best known for his work on dystopian sci-fi TV series Black Mirror. On this episode of Distraction Pieces he and Scroobius Pip go deep into the history of the show, its move to Netflix and its increasing popularity in the US. A great conversation that also includes plenty of chat about other career highlights. Listen now on Acast >>

In Writing with Hattie Crissell podcast art

Episode 9 // Charlie Brooker // Jan 2020
Hattie Crisell’s In Writing provides a fascinating insight into the careers and processes of some of the best writers in the game. From drawing cartoons and reviewing video games to creating cult favourites NAthan Barley and Black Mirror, Charlie discusses the approach he takes to his work and the pain involved in sharing it. Listen now Acast>>

Rule of Three with Charlie Brooker podcast art

Charlie Brooker on Airplane! // Apr 2019
On the award winning Rule of Three, comedy writer hosts Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris sit down with someone who makes comedy forensically discuss something funny they love. Charlie’s choice is the all time classic, Airplane! And it’s discussed with the kind of passion and nerdy background information you’d expect from these three super fans. Listen now on Acast>>

We hope you enjoy these Charlie Brooker podcasts. Read more Podcast Prophet articles in the Pod Bible magazine, which you can read online or buy in our shop.

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