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Auddy Spotlight – five podcasts worth knowing!

Auddy recommends


Auddy Spotlight – five podcasts worth knowing!

Auddy is inspiring and engaging audiences through audio. Supporting creators, creating branded content and private podcasts. They know all about quality podcasts and in their new column for us, they are sharing some of their favourites. From Issue #030, this is Auddy’s Shows Worth Knowing About…

Ki & Dee: The Podcast

How would you describe your show?

Not for the faint hearted!

What’s been the game-changer moment for you?

We got our first feature in a printed publication at the end of last year; we were on Hello Magazine’s women to watch list for 2023. We of course went round to every WHSmith and bought every copy.

What episodes should we watch out for?

We’ve had a lot of amazing guests but to be honest, our favourite episodes are our Agony Aunts, which is just us two giving terrible advice (like ‘Got a problem with your ex? Move city or jump in the Thames.) We think it’s just part of our charm.

We just taped one where we give someone advice on an upcoming foursome – there are no boundaries on the pod.

What do the next 12 months hold?

We’re planning a live show in London next year and a small UK tour. Doing live shows is a big part of how we started and we love singing our silly little songs and interacting with the crowd. And of course…season 4!

Listen to Fi & Dee: The Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other popular podcast apps >>

The Roster:

Four more of our podcasters tell us why you should check out their shows…

Go Love Yourself

We grew up during a time when Bridget Jones was the poster fat girl, so now we’re having to unlearn everything we’ve been taught about our bodies. And this podcast takes you along for the ride. Listen here >>


Stressed, tired, or just plain fed-up? In just under 15 minutes this supercharged hypnosis audio will help you to sleep better, make better decisions, and generally get your mojo back. Listen here >>

The Upshot

From David Beckham’s “stag do of the millennium” to an episode on Tiger Woods which is genuinely titled “get in the hole”. The Upshot is a weekly guide to sport’s most scandalous characters that you can’t miss. Listen here >>

Two New Mums

Two New Mums follows our (Amy & Jennie) live journey through two very different pregnancies, births and beyond. With expert guests along the way to help navigate and educate, from midwives, sleep consultants to celebrity parents. Listen here >>

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