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The Relaunch of Revisiting- Series 8!


The Relaunch of Revisiting- Series 8!

Originally titled Berkhamsted Revisited, the first few seasons of Revisiting revolved around 20-somethings Laura K and Laura G as they reflect on Laura K’s hilariously frank teenage diaries. Since then, Berkhamsted Revisited has put out seven seasons worth of episodes, rebranded to Revisiting, welcomed a whole host of guests, and covered everything from embarrassing childhood celebrity crushes to horrid first job interviews.
After six seasons of Berkhamsted Revisited, the Lauras eventually ran out of diaries to, well, revisit. When asked whether they ever worried about what would happen once they reached this point, Laura G immediately laughed,“I’ve been crying about it since day one. Like,‘This is going to have to end, I don’t know when it’s going to end.’ And my plan was that someone from BBC3 would contact us before that and offer us a sitcom—well that never happened, so we had to think of a plan B.” Plan B ended up being a total revamp to the concept. Berkhamsted Revisited was laid to rest and from its ashes, Revisiting was born. Laura K notes that while the diaries were a good jumping off point and the original inspiration for the podcast, they weren’t crucial:“We’re essentially still doing the same thing, which is trying to tap into common shared experiences. Only, the format of doing that has changed. So it used to be diaries, now it’s slightly more broad but we’re still trying to tap into that same thing. We’ve all experienced similar things, be that TV shows, toys, whatever. The way that we’re talking about it and the vehicle that we’re using to do that is still the same.” 
So what can we expect from season eight? A lot of bad decisions.“For this series we are focusing in on all of the bad decisions that we’ve made in our lives,” Laura K explains,“What we’re going to be doing each week is really examining the decisions that we made throughout our lives, whether we were kids, teenagers, last week or last year—what was the thought process? What was the outcome? Essentially going for a 30 going on 13 vibe. What advice would we have given to ourselves when we were making that decision?” The Lauras are also looking forward to getting the Revisiting listeners more involved this season, so much so that they’ve set up a WhatsApp for the show!“Let me tell you the number!,” says Laura G,“You all need to voice note me because not enough people have yet.” You can find the number over on Revisiting’s twitter profile here.
It’s been quite the ride for the Lauras. It’s been a year and a half since Laura K’s tweet—that’s a full seven seasons of nostalgia distilled for your listening pleasure. And now, Revisiting cannot wait to get started on its eighth season – they’ve already welcomed two special guests into the studio for some bonus episodes ahead of the new season. Lauren Bravo, the journalist and author, came in to discuss growing up in provisional England, the Spice Girls and snapping off her own fringe. Poorna Bell also joined Laura G in the studio last week to read from her own hilarious teenage diaries that documented her childhood in South East London. And today marks the start of Revisiting’s eight season – listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you get your podcasts. 
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