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RISE & SHINE is raising money for new audio producers

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RISE & SHINE is raising money for new audio producers

RISE & SHINE is raising money for new audio makers and podcasters, as part of the project’s second birthday celebrations. The money will support people new to the audio industry to create original work with production companies. 

The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise £2200 in total to pay a least 5 makers suitable day rates for their work. Once the project is funded, new podcasters will be able to submit their ideas for a short audio piece (30 second to 1 minute 30 seconds long). The submissions will be judged by audio professionals from across the industry. RISE & SHINE will then pay the winning podcasters to work with approved production companies for 1-2 days (in total).

This project will help new and underrepresented audio makers break into the podcast and radio industries by making the production process clear and taking away financial barriers. The final pieces will reflect the person behind them, from the style of production to the content. Once finished, established podcasters from across the industry can share and uplift the pieces in their own show as pre, mid or post-roll inserts.

Several production companies are already signed up to the project, and it is currently at 61% of its target. If you want to support open access to the audio industry, head to RISE & SHINE’s Second Birthday Celebration donation page. There are 12 days left of the campaign and you can donate as much as you are able to.

Rise and shine raises money for new podcastersAbout RISE & SHINE

RISE & SHINE was started in 2019 after podcast producer Sarah Myles sent a simple Tweet offering free audio advice to those that wanted it. She had a big uptake and saw the need for such open conversation about audio as an industry. Since then, RISE & SHINE has been helping new audio makers access the podcast and radio industries regardless of income. Sarah has organised more than 20 free to attend sessions both in person, at King’s Place London, and remotely. Subjects for talks have included Sound Design 101, Podcasting for Kids, and Making Audio Content accessible.

Most recently, she launched the RISE & SHINE How I Got Here podcast to make it clearer how professionals got into the podcast industry in the first place.

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Sarah Myles says:

“My favourite part of running RISE & SHINE is hearing the incredible stories and ideas from attendees, I always leave a session feeling energised and hopeful. Unfortunately, a lot of the attendees are very much so excluded from the audio industry. Change is sadly slow within podcasting- all white panels are rife, transcripts are an afterthought and junior producers are regularly asked to work long hours for little pay. This effort is small but I hope it will help budding podcast professionals build relationships with some fantastic production companies, get their work recognised and get paid a reasonable day rate in the process. If we don’t all make an effort to ensure a range of voices in storytelling, there’s no future for the industry.”

You can follow RISE & SHINE on Twitter and subscribe to the RISE & SHINE How I Got Here podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcast app.

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